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What was the most rewarding experience through your spiritual journey? Realizing my Divine presence, and experiencing the whole of existence as myself. No words can describe this mystical experience…such a profound sense of boundlessness and ecstasy!

Answer & Questions to the Author/Spiritual Guide

You have referred to a higher being most often as divine mother. This is an unorthodox name, especially for those who have not heard it before or were raised as catholic as you were. Why Divine Mother? I refer to the Divine Mother as what many may call, God.  I feel this reference comes from […]

Life questions to the Author from Becoming The Light

Author Q & A My dear One…Hope you are all doing wonderful! This is an excerpt from the Author Q & A at the end of my upcoming book, Becoming The Light: Realize Your True Enlightened Nature. I thought you might enjoy reading it now.

Becoming The Light

We must always start a journey with the first baby step; often fall many times before rising and flying in the light. Spirituality is not something to teach. We all have it inside. In many ways everyone can be a teacher. We can only awake our divinity. The only true obstacle in life is the […]

Divine Love


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“Where there is divine love, there is compassion in actions.” Vivianne Nantel

We live in an era in which many are obsessed with sex, youth, physical appearance, money, status, acquisitions, prestige, fame, power and social media, in a culture overwhelmed with work, emails, errands, phone calls, media messages, projects, junk mail, in a world bombarded with wars, terrorist attacks, cruelty towards animals, injustices toward women and children (some men too), heartbreaks, depressions, neuroses, psychoses, divorces, disasters and anxiety. Where can I find unconditional pure love, I asked myself.

Our early conditioning influences our entire life, unless we become conscious of it and do something about it. Hatred energy can become an unconscious strategy to protect oneself from intense suffering. Like cancer, hatred is a form of intense anger that eats us up alive. So far my journey had led me to wonder about the nature of love. Does it exist in this materialistic physical world? Aren’t we all in search of unconditional love, a pure divine energy expressing the truth of our ultimate nature…love which is beyond expectations, attachments, conditions, demands and bondage? Such a love is both transformational and transcendental, beyond this physical dimension, a Divine love. Where could I find it?

Throughout the centuries, the ancient spiritual Yoga tradition tells us that our ultimate and true nature is bliss, ananda. Isn’t Divine love the same as bliss? Isn’t one of the gravest maladies of our century to live solely in the physical realm, rather than expand and awake to our ultimate true nature? How can we offer what we do not have? How can we use the spiritual process to manifest a harmonious and compassionate world unless we first heal our own deep wounds?

I was blinded by a false sense of self. As children we develop a self-image which is unreal and often unhealthy. We base our self-worth on this erroneous view. We emerge as adults thinking we are our body, our mind, our professions, a certain gender, our social status, our ethnicity, religious and cultural background, or that we are our possessions and wealth, or even our sexual orientation. The attachments and bondages we form around these identifications prevent us from awakening and realizing enlightenment. We confine ourselves to limited boundaries, our own fabricated jails. In the act of shedding our old, worn-out garment filled with prejudices, conditioning, and assumptions we can expand and break free from our cage. Divine love flowing within us is one of the keys to our freedom. It is experiencing our creator within ourselves and seeing the source in all living beings by experiencing the Oneness of all existence and the beyond. It is our true nature. Divine love liberates the imprisoned heart and allows us to pierce the veil of false identifications and burst free from all boundaries. In this surrender, the inner master within becomes alive.

Paramahansa Yoganada, a venerated ascended master of the 20th century said, “The satisfaction of love is not the feeling itself, but in the joy that feeling brings. Love gives joy. We love ‘love’ because it gives us such intoxicating happiness. So love is not the ultimate; the ultimate is bliss. God is Sat-Chit-Ananda, ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new bliss. We, as soul, are individualized Sat-Chit-Ananda. True love is Divine, and Divine love is joy.”

Divine love brings us back home, healing us from the illusion of separation from the source. Our ephemeral journey on earth becomes richer, more beautiful, more meaningful as the universe belongs to us. Without Divine love we have no power over wars and negative acts committed by people on themselves and others, but we have the power to open up our own heart and seek this transformational love within. By transforming ourselves in this way, we can help others, both human and animal.

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Heart felt gratitude. Sending you a garden of divine love, blessings and grace,  Devi

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