You have referred to a higher being most often as divine mother. This is an unorthodox name, especially for those who have not heard it before or were raised as catholic as you were. Why Divine Mother?

I refer to the Divine Mother as what many may call, God.  I feel this reference comes from my previous lifetimes in India. The yogis and rishis (sages) often call the supreme intelligent energy (Maha Shakti) as the Divine Mother as I explained in this book. Though there is also an aspect where the Divine feminine energy can be manifesting in a specific form in the tantric yogic tradition—in a certain Divine entity or deity.

You say at one point “The less resistance we have toward the events in our lives, the more we can accept the situations and process them—and the better we can detach and surrender to what is.” Many people have a hard time surrendering the control they think they have. How were you able to accomplish this and what advice would you offer others?

Since you asked, I may make a few suggestions. Control is just an illusion. Any moment we may exhale our last breath. Can you control that? For a perfect self-realized siddha yogi… that could be possible. Though for most of the population is impossible. However it is easier for a humble, open, receptive and sensitive person to be in a state of surrendering and to detach. This kind of openness takes vulnerability, but most people put themselves in cages in order to attempt to protect themselves. Transcending the logic and mindset patterns is crucial. Don’t believe everything your mind is trying to make you swallow. It is society garage’s bin. The way of the heart is the magic for surrender.  Also looking at the situation with a different perspective can be extremely beneficial. See…I looked at my cancer journey as a spiritual ascension. And it turned to be one! It is easier to surrender when one is devotional and madly in love with the Divine. To expand your horizons, let love overwhelm you and overflow from you by embracing all living beings, and also make sure you meditate regularly. It is important to remain humble and flexible in your approach, and to say a big yes to new opportunities even if they may appear minuscule. The fastest way to self-realize is to embrace all living beings as yourself and see God in you and in them. With time, deep meditation and sadhana you will realize we all are interconnected by the same Source.

In a state of “I don’t know” you are keeping yourself open and receptive to experience, to grow by seeing things as they are with clarity. Jumping to conclusions, assumptions and judgments are detrimental for your being and for others. Being in a state of wonderment is to allow yourself to blossom. Be willing to set yourself free from your patterns, self-imposed limitations, and start looking at life with different perspectives. Though most importantly seeing things as they are. But, that takes awareness and mindfulness. That is much harder, but if you render yourself sensitive, open, receptive, humble and at ease, you will ride the wave.

Looking forward to read your comments! If you have any questions, please pass them here along on this blog comments or from my contact page as an email. I will take it in consideration for future blog or upcoming videos. Sending you a garden of Divine love, light, and blessings, Devi (Vivianne Nantel)

All international copyrights reserved by Vivianne Nantel, 2018, Shree Devi Mayi Ma

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  1. Laavanya
    Laavanya says:

    So beautifully written Vivianne. Even for me, the Divine Feminine entered my life over the last 3 years. One in the form of Linga Bhairavi and another in the form of Amman, a form of Shakti worshipped in Tamil Nadu. It’s so magical! I remained open to this dimension of life. I must have had many lives in India as well, including being born into an Indian body in the US in this life! I don’t know! So eagerly awaiting your book! I hope you discuss ascension in your book!

    • Vivianne Nantel
      Vivianne Nantel says:

      Oh so lovely to hear form you my dearest Laavanya! Thanks so much….I am so glad to hear about your receptivity and openness to the Divine feminine energy of Maha Shakti…That is so wonderful! Yes I talk about ascension in my book, but not the way you might assume, interpret or expect. Let’s see….Hope you gain a lot of insights and inspirations from reading, Becoming The Light. Stay tuned and connected. I limited myself in the sharing in my book because many of my experiences are too sacred to share. I adapted the book for reaching a broader range of people who are seeking, or lost and searching for well-being and happiness. Much love and blessings


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