Radiating the Light
Advanced Program

Experience the alchemy of Divine transformation.
Shree Devi Mayi Ma guides you on a powerful inner journey toward self-awareness, transformation and mastery.

Learn to thrive on your spiritual path

Expand your consciousness

Rediscover your true Divine nature

Uncover the treasures within you

Radiating The Light is the advanced phase of our Becoming the Light Inner Journey Mastery program. This four days retreat program offers sincere seekers the unique opportunity to immerse deeply into being. You’ll interact directly with Shree Devi Mayi Ma as you explore your true ultimate nature and learn to unleash your inner radiance.

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*Program offered both live or via Zoom. We recommend most seekers complete Becoming the Light Inner Journey Mastery program before enrollment.

* Proceeds from all Devi’s Grace programs help support, manifest and sustain Shree Devi Mayi Ma’s causes and vision. 

The only boundary between your mastery and your blissfulness is the conditioning and personality you have accumulated. Break free from the confinement of your fabricated jail. Set yourself free!

– Shree Devi Mayi Ma

Experience authentic Kriya Yoga from the lineage of the Ascended Masters

Shree Devi Mayi Ma is an ascended yogini and embodiment of Divine Feminine energy whose spiritual journey has progressed over many lifetimes in many different traditions, and with many great masters.

The Siddha Sat Chit Ananda Kriya Yoga meditation is a sublime and sacred gift from the direct lineage of Shiva and directly transmitted to Devi Ma.

As an instrument of Divine grace, Shree Devi Mayi Ma is committed to spreading the science of Kriya Yoga to meet the urgent needs of our time. This method of Kriya Yoga that is open only to any sincere and willing seeker.

This method does not require any special physical and psychological preparation. However, it is important to have a longing, and remain open, receptive and in a state of wonderment like a child.

Progress by leaps and bounds along your spiritual Journey
Experience the alchemy of Divine transformation


Rid yourself of all accumulated
negative conditioning and energy


Uncover your natural

Experience Joy

Experience the bliss, joy and
ease of your true nature

That which you seek, the true nature of existence, has always been within you, alive, boundless and eternal. Power is not about conquest and domination. Inner power is a divine quality thatembraces all living beings as God.

– Shree Devi Mayi Ma

Radiating the Light Advanced Program:

Transforming Yourself is Transforming your Life with Devi Ma

A journey of self-discovery, self-awareness and inner transformation. Untruth to truth, darkness to light, ignorance to enlightenment,
AUM Shanti Shanti AUM

Discover the hidden treasures of your inner power and true ultimate nature.

 You will learn several yogic techniques, and methods to unleash your inner radiance and gain mastery over your life, and experience several healing,  empowering and transformative spiritual processes. You can experience Radiating the Light with Shree Devi Mayi Ma either live in person or via Zoom video webinar.

This program is your opportunity to blossom like a lotus and shine your light on our beloved planet with Devi Ma.

  • ● Experience various spiritual yogicprocesses
  • ● Gain mastery over your life and yourself
    ● Experience your true nature and Divine presence
  • ● Engage freely with Shree Devi Mayi Ma and get answers to your questions 

Blossom through the Siddha Sat Chit Ananda Kriya Yoga Meditation

An empowering ancient yogic technique practice within a 30- to 45-minute Kriya pranayama yoga meditation. The Siddha Kriya Yoga Meditation contains several mantras, bija (sound seeds), different ancient pranayama (breathing techniques to control the Prana), mudra (yogic hand posture), and meditation techniques.

Conceived by the divine Shiva and transmitted through the Ascended Masters, Siddha Sat Chit Ananda Kriya Meditation offers the potential for lasting transformation and renewal in your life. According to the ascended masters and siddhas, practicing this ancient, sacred science of Kriya Yoga can awaken every cell of your body and every neuron in your brain, accelerating your evolution at an unprecedented rate – with just 20 minutes of practice said to be equal to 20 years or more.

Commit yourself to this powerful, transformative practice and watch your entire being blossom!

  • ● Rebalance your physical, subtle body and life-force energy
  • ● Take control of your life-force energy
  • ● Recharge your vitality
  • ● Rejuvenate your system
  • ● Expand lung capacity for more pranic & oxygen intake
  • ● Naturally progress into a meditative state
  • ● Purify what does not service your highest
  • ● Heal at many levels
  • ● Allow your Divine garden to unfold naturally
  • ● Heal deeply at all levels, permitting grace to flow
  • ● Regain a deep sense of serenity, clarity, joy, vibrancy and contentment

Master the In the Womb of Creation Meditation for harmony and balance

In the Womb of Creation Meditation is a 25-minute guided Nidra Yoga practice of profound relaxation and healing. Revealed to Devi Ma many years ago through a vision while meditating, this meditation allows your body to enter a deep state of relaxed comfort. You’ll experience being in a profound alpha state progressively entering into theta and delta brain waves where your mind can easily co-create and manifest. Every cell of your being and life-force energy is renewed and revitalized as you enter a tranquil state of peace and bliss.

This guided meditation technique is a powerful tool to reset your energy and recreate an aura of radiance, calmness and harmony. Use it to manifest your intentions, such as abundance, happiness, wealth, etc. With practice, the Womb of Creation Meditation can be used regularly to restore your body, mind and soul.

  • ● Enter a profound state of rest and total relaxation
  • ● Rejuvenate and restore every cell of your being and life-force energy
  • ● Induces you into deep calmness, and tranquility
  • ● Can be repeated regularly at home

Unleash Your Divine Feminine Energy Embodiment

Shakti means power, energy, and primordial cosmic force. Mythologically, Shakti represents the divine feminine energy, transcending gender. In the yogic tradition, Shakti’s creative energy gives rise to all manifestations in the cosmos. This power resides within you.

Join Devi Ma to learn about unleashing yours Divine Feminine energy. The emerging paradigm of this energy emphasizes equanimity, community, equality, generosity, and spiritual union. This energy is expressed into many qualities such as creativity, nurturing, caring, unconditional love, intuition and elevated inner-knowing. Balancing the Divine Feminine and Masculine within yourself is long overdue, representing the ultimate harmonic union known as Shiva/Shakti.

Experience the transformative energy of Devi Ma, an accomplished yogini who embodies the Divine Feminine energy. Tap into the primordial cosmic energy and rebalance the polar energies within your own being. Devi Ma imparts ancient spiritual wisdom and utilizes the Siddha Kriya yoga meditation for this healing and transformative journey, among other yogic tools.


  • ● Bring calm, equanimity and vibrancy
  • ● Discover new talents within
  • ● Feel rebalance and at ease
  • ● Experience a new level joy, well-being & wellness
  • ● Develop your intuitive abilities
  • ● Tap into your Higher-Self for inner-knowing
  • ● Experience your true and authentic Nature

Receive invaluable priceless & direct support, timeless wisdom and spiritual knowledge from Shree Devi Mayi Ma

Radiating the Light Advanced Program includes precious opportunities to interact with Shree Devi Mayi Ma. This thoughtfully designed program is your chance to receive direct support and ask questions. With Devi Ma’s guidance, your journey will progress gracefully as you acquire deeper mindfulness tools and training.

  • ● In Presence with Shree Devi Mayi Ma, Divine Satsang via Zoom every last Saturday of the month.*
  • ● Drinking Bliss, Divine Satsang livestream via YouTube every second
    Monday of the month.*
  • ● Direct support from Shree Devi Mayi Ma through our Facebook

    * See our Satsang page for detailed info.

Praise for Radiating The Light with Devi Ma

Enlightenment is within you

Are you ready to experience bliss?

In presence Divine satsang with Shree Devi Mayi Ma

Our gift to you.

Join us on the last Saturday of every month at 1.00 PM Pacific time and also 9.30 PM via zoom video to be in her presence, and have your questions answered by Devi Ma and meditate and more. We will send you a zoom video link. Reserve your spot and confirm your attendance. Space is very limited!

● Gain clarity, inspiration and motivation
● Feel uplifted, enthusiastic and in grace
● Experience the benefits of self-mastery

Empower and Transform yourself now upcoming live sessions-
Very Space Limited

Save your spot for future live sessions of Radiating the Light Advanced Program

August 4-7


Radiating the Light Retreat Program-
Summer Session

Time:  Friday through Monday from Noon to 7 PM Pacific Time 
Very limited space, please reserve your spot now!
 Loving Support system : Devi Ma will have complementary regular weekly ( 2 times per month) Radiating the Light Divine satsang for follow-up, Q &A, practice’s correction, and also who wants to mediate and be in presence. 

Location: At our private consecrated sanctum in San Anselmo, California 

December 1-4


Radiating the Light advanced Retreat Program-ONLINE VERSION ONLY - Fall Session

Time: This Zoom video intimate retreat program format  of Radiating the Light Advanced is offered over a long weekend from Friday through Monday from December 1-4, 2023 
Rare and unique opportunity to be in the presence of Devi Ma live and interact with her directly! 
5 hours every day for 4 days- from Noon through 5 PM Pacific Time 
Very limited space, please reserve your spot now! 
 Loving support system : Devi Ma will have complementary regular weekly ( 2 times per month) Radiating the Light Divine satsang for follow-up, Q &A, practice’s correction, and also who wants to mediate and be in presence.

Location:   Via Zoom webcast video ONLY 

Some common questions we get from seekers on Radiating the Light

We are here for you! You can easily reach out and connect with us via email at connect@devigrace.org

or call us at 1 (415) 453-5359 between 12 PM to 9 PM Pacific time seven days a week.

In addition, Devi Ma is providing the great opportunity to sit with her and being in her presence, and ask all your questions in the In Presence Divine Satsang. You can sign up here on this RDL program page, and you will receive the zoom video link and confirmation approval.

You are also encouraged to attend In Presence Divine Satsang every last Saturday of the month via zoom video at 1.30 PM Pacific Time if you have any further questions, and Drinking Bliss Divine satsang. See Divine satsang page for more info.

It is highly recommended to take first Becoming The Light Inner Journey mastery online program (phase #1) for your own evolution, growth, insights, and revelations. Though if you are an advanced sincere seeker (sadhaka on the spiritual path for so many years), you may jump right into the RDL advanced program unless you want and feel you want to take phase #1 first. Anyone will benefit from Becoming The Light Inner Journey mastery online program phase #1 (this program is considered a fundamental program). Some advanced sadhaka have started with phase #1 despite of their experience. Please note that BTL inner Journey mastery program is NOT an academic. 

PS. Radiating the Light Advanced program (phase #2) is an intense experiential program, and requires an openness, receptivity, state of wonderment and vulnerability as a child.

This advanced program designed by Shree Devi Mayi Ma is offered over a three days period- from Friday to Sunday, noon to 6 PM. Pacific Time. Though the program may run over time depending of the flow of the group and Devi Ma. Radiating the Light Advanced program which is more of an experiential program, and it also offers the empowering Siddha Sat Chit Ananda kriya meditation yogic practice, and in the Womb of creation Nidra yoga guided meditation

Regularly check on this RDL page for regular updated schedule. Space is limited. When you sign- up, we will send the necessary detailed information and zoom link. Unless you want to attend live in person at our private sanctum in San Anselmo in California. Please email us or call us if that is what you would love to do.  

PS. If you are taking any kind medications for psychosis, neurosis, and/or major depression or the related, please email us to make sure it is safe for you to attend. It is best to advise us. And/or you may need a letter from your doctor. We care about your wellbeing. 

Yes it is definitely limited, especially in live person at our sanctum. Devi Ma loves working with smaller group, so you can get more support, help and attention. 

Can I take Radiating the Light Advanced program (phase #2) a second time free of charge? Yes, you can! This is such a beautiful gift from Devi’s Grace. Devi Ma allows you to take the RDL advanced program a second time if you wish and feel you need it. Though, you must do so within the same year as a refresher and follow-up for your practices.  

It is unlikely, but if you are experiencing some challenges with zoom video, try to login again with the same link, and gives it some time to be readmitted you within the room. If it does not work, please email us right away at connect@devigrace.org

Then, only if necessary you may call us at 1 (415) 453-5359 between 12 PM to 9 PM Pacific time seven days a week. 

Devi ’s Grace makes certain exceptions for some individual who have a deep longing, who wants to take these life transforming programs, and who are in grave need. We provide different types of scholarship for these kind individuals. You must contact us directly, and explain why you want to take these programs, and why you think and feel they will benefit you, and what is your hardship or crisis. connect@devigrace.org.

You will be imparted and transmitted effective yogic spiritual practices (sadhana). It is imperative that you practice daily to experience results and benefits. Everything will be discussed in depth in the program. Devi Ma will have monthly follow-up for seekers who have completed the programs via zoom video or live in person, and who have questions regarding with these practices. Also you are most welcome, encouraged and recommended to attend In Presence Divine Satsang every last Saturday of the month via zoom video at 1.30 PM Pacific Time. Please email us to reserve your spot and receive the zoom link. 

Also Drinking Bliss Divine Satsang is highly recommended for all of you in order to receive further support and guidance. This Divine satsang is offered on the second Monday of the month at 7 PM. Pacific time. It is offered as grace and blessing on your journey. You can either attend live in person at our private sanctum, or via Shree Devi Mayi Ma’s YOUTUBE channel livestream. Please see Divine Satsang page for more info.

Also they are going to be some upcoming retreats with Shree Devi Mayi Ma. Stay tuned and if you have not done so yet, please sign up for our Blissful Nest newsletter. 

Even though cancellations are very rare at Devi’s Grace, after you have completed your enrollment, you have up to 24 hours before  starting Radiating the Light Advanced program to cancel in order to get a refund minus $25.00 processing fee

After that time period, there are no refunds. Though, if there is an emergency and you cannot attend the program, you can get full credit for the next program up to one year of the date you have signed up. Please email us to make arrangement.

Please give us one week or so for the refund process. Thanks so much. We are here for you, and are looking forward to connect with you always.

With your payment investment, we are able to support Devi’s Grace Causes & Vision, help the homeless and suffering animals in India, support our goshala (rescued sacred cows sanctuary in India), and give scholarships of our programs to individuals around the world who long to grow, evolve, heal and transform, but who are struggling financially or just can’t afford them. And we are able to pay our bills without selling your information.

If only each individual treated their body as a sacred temple and their heart as a shrine, we would witness phenomenal transformations on our planet. The question is, are you willing, beloved?

– Shree Devi Mayi Ma

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