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The Ultimate Harmonic Union within You

Unleash Your Divine Feminine Energy

divine feminine energy

Shakti means power, energy, dynamic force, and primordial cosmic energy. Mythologically, Shakti represents Divine feminine energy and is often personified as the goddess, consort to the divine masculine god, Shiva. But at the most profound level, Shakti transcends gender. Metaphysically in the yogic tradition, the creative energy of Shakti (or Divine Mother) gives rise to the manifestation of all phenomena in the cosmos. Her dance creates the beautiful and the sacred in the cosmos. And that same power is also within you. 

In the Yoga tradition, Shakti is regarded as a sacred, Divine, and primordial cosmic force, and is seen as representing the dynamic principle of the universe’s feminine power energy, as a Devi, a Goddess. The creation is often viewed as a play of Shiva (masculine) and Shakti (feminine), symbolizing the duality of existence. Shakti represents the dynamic and creative aspect of the universe; Shiva, the male principle, represents the un-manifest supreme consciousness. These two principles can be observed everywhere. Their union creates astonishing forces, and our physical body is the microscopic mirror of the macroscopic play of the cosmos reflecting these two principles. Regardless of our gender, both the masculine and feminine aspect is within our subtle body. The subtler our being is, the more expansive and freer we become. In this altered state of consciousness, the individual can transcend and go beyond boundaries. Yoga is all about enhancing our perceptions to experience and see things as they are. Ultimately the journey on the spiritual path is to move from the grossest to the subtlest, where boundaries are crossed— from bondage to freedom. Inner beauty is realizing and experiencing the oneness of existence. That is to be in YOGA.

This balancing of the Divine Feminine with the Masculine within your own being is long overdue. It’s the ultimate harmonic union, what we call Shiva/Shakti in the yogic tradition. The old patriarchal system dominated by racism, conquest, greed, and oppression is dying out as it no longer serves the highest good for all living beings on our beloved Mother Earth.           

divine feminine energy

The Power of the Divine Feminine Energy

The power of the Divine feminine Energy remind us always that through strength lays in vulnerability and receptivity. The Divine Feminine energy is a mystical and mysterious subject! Actually, let me rephrase that. The power of Divine Feminine Energy, what we call in the Yogic tradition “Maha Shakti” or “Kundalini Shakti”, or the “Divine Mother” is beyond a phenomenal subject. The Divine Feminine energy needs to be demystified because too many people are confused about what really is. How does it manifest? “But I’m a male. Is it inside of me? “Do I have it too?” So you may asked. So beloved, the Divine feminine energy has been around forever. It is the manifestation of the cosmic creative primordial life-force energy. Everything you see manifesting around in the cosmos is her power. It is her grand empowerment, and you may call it Divine feminine energy because it embodies certain values and qualities. 

The Divine feminine energy, Kundalini Shakti or Divine Mother is all the same. They’re synonymous, and it’s not a religion, nor a philosophy,  doctrine or dogma. It is a yogic science which evolved from the ancient  Yoga tradition which dated back so many thousands of years. This yogic science has been tested by thousands of thousands of Maha Rishis (Great sages), yogi, yogini, spiritual masters, ascended masters, and Saddhus over ions.

 Demystifying the Divine Feminine Energy

divine feminine energy

The misconception and misunderstanding about the Divine feminine energy always has been to believe this energy is for the female gender only. But it cannot be further from the truth. Regardless if you have reincarnated in a male or female body, within your own subtle body Kundalini Shakti is dormant at the root base of your spine located at the muladhara chakra. 

Kundalini, which means “coiled” in Sanskrit, is the most significant psycho-spiritual force of our subtle body. It is often associated with Devi, and goddess worshipping. Many traditions call kundalini by different names. In Japan it is “ki,” in China “chi,” and in Christianity “the Holy Spirit.” Whatever you wish to call it, kundalini is the secret pathway to the divinity within us. Over the centuries, kundalini—often called the “serpent power”— came to be regarded as Shakti, whom the great Rishis of India worshipped as the Divine Mother (Kundalini Shakti). Shakti is accessible to all willing ones, anytime and anywhere. This dormant cosmic energy is often depicted as a snake coiled at the base of the spine in the sacrum bone of the pelvis in the muladhara chakra, the first of the seven most important and fundamental chakras. The Sanskrit word Shakti means “empowerment,” or “to be able.

Devi Ma talks in depth about this amazing subject in Becoming the Light Inner Journey mastery (online program). The subtle body is also a fascinating subject. There are 114 chakras in the subtle body, but only seven of them are the most fundamental ones for the human evolution and consciousness, and for the rising of kundalini ascension. The Maharishis calls it “the Serpent goddess.” We have been seeing this iconography for thousands of years within the Yoga tradition. It is astonishing to remark that from one tradition to another or even a religious tradition how the meaning of this iconography of the snake could be so misunderstood. In some religions, the snake represents evil, and in the Yoga tradition it is the opposite, representing Divinity and the ultimate of Self-realization, enlightenment, and liberation of our being. The question is; is it activated or not within you? Is it ascended or not within you?

In the Prana Maya Kosha or the energy body (one of the sheath of the subtle body), we have in the subtle body 72,000 nadis. The 72,000 nadis arise from the three most fundamental nadis – the left, the right and the middle – the Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna are just pathways allowing the life force energy to flow. We may call them channels of life-force energy called prana in the system. As you become more mindful and aware of them, you will realize the life force energy is moving in established pathways. I explained this more in depth in Becoming the Light Inner Journey online Mastery program, and my major book. The Sushuma which is the most outstanding nadi is located in the hollow of the spine. Ida represents the Feminine and the Pingala, the masculine.

The Ultimate Harmonic Marriage of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Energy 

divine feminine energy

We see those two principles of Divine feminine and Divine masculine energy animating in the universe. Everything  the cosmos is this manifestation is the play of Shiva/Shakti. In term of principle, Divine masculine energy is pure consciousness, still, what we call “that which that is not” means Shiva. A principle of pure consciousness that is omnipotent, omnipresent and unchanging is always eternal and infinite. Then, the cosmic primordial life-force, that creative power energy of Shakti which means “empowerment” manifests. And you can see that Divine Feminine energy at work in the universe. 

Thus, when Shiva/Shakti, (pure consciousness and primordial cosmic energy) merges as one, we see the manifesting of physical existence. That is what is sustaining the whole animation of this cosmos to bring about the manifestation of the physical realm. When they marry each other, the physical creation animates. Throughout the ages, the Maha Rishis were far advanced in their knowing of the absolute truth. They could see how quantum physics and the laws of the cosmos operate. The merging of Shiva/Shakti, the masculine and feminine principles within us, is the ultimate harmonious and necessary union within our own being to experience our full human and Divine potential. Their union creates phenomenal forces allowing us to realize and experience our own Divinity from within. When they merge as one in the one-thousand-petal lotus chakra on top of our head, they are in perfect harmonic marriage. That is your full blossoming of your Divine garden!

Our precious blue and green planet is in grave need of a renaissance of celebrating the Divine feminine principle of energy. The great cosmic Divine Mother or often call “Devi” is that Divine feminine principle energy.  An individual who is experiencing the whole of existence as oneself is in yoga, in union. The word for a female would be an yogini, and for the male counterpart, a yogi. This Divine feminine energy has been suppressed and oppressed throughout the centuries by manifestations of many patriarchal religions and societies. For instance, history tells of the Dark Ages where thousands of women, high priestesses who were extremely evolved spiritually, who worshipped the Divine feminine aspect and had many extraordinary siddhis (spiritual powers and paranormal abilities ascribed to the Tantric adepts and masters in tantra), were burned alive in public places as witches. They were wrongly perceived as a major threat because of their spiritual powers. For over four thousand years, the masculine mindset has been destroying, oppressing, and exploiting Mother Earth, its animals, and many women and elders.

The Divine Feminine energy principle is characterized with many attributes— such as nurturing, nourishing, compassionate, loving, giving, healing, creative, intuitive, and benevolent—and can be very powerful and fierce in a host of positive ways. Many of these qualities have been lacking to some degree on our planet for thousands of years. During the Paleolithic and Neolithic times, many tribes venerated the feminine principle energy manifested in the physical form as a goddess or deity. Over the centuries, matriarchal societies (with a feminine principle mindset) flourished in peace, harmony, and reverence for Mother Earth and all living creatures.

 The Resurgence & Renaissance of the Divine Feminine Energy 

how long does a spiritual awakening last

We can’t expect someone else will be affected by the ravage of destruction from the patriarchal domination and conquest for so many thousands of years. It is a tremendous collective karma we as human species have accumulated. It is right here now in our faces. Now the entire planet is suffering from this collective karma. As a consequence, all of us are suffering from the consequences and effects, even the animals and the insects. That’s why spiritual awakening and growth is of upmost importance now to bring everyone back into balance this harmonic, divine, sacred marriage within your own being. 

As you can hear and see, there is an extremely urgent need to rebalance these male and female principles within ourselves. As I spoke, Shakti is the primordial energy of the Source of creation, and is regarded as the goddess Mother, (Adi Shakti) especially prominent in Tantra when kundalini is awakening and ascending. This dormant kundalini energy within is the most significant psycho-spiritual force of the subtle body. This Divine Feminine energy tends to be more associated with the female gender in general. Perhaps our nature is more receptive and open to it. The fact that we women are giving birth to life could make us more open to it, though any gender can deeply connect with this feminine energy principle. We all have within our beings the masculine and the feminine energy aspects.

When the Divine Feminine energy is emanating from us, it manifests in these precious valued qualities…. helping the people, the animals, homeless children, and the environment, etc. Either it be for the soil or the oceans, there are many causes reflecting the qualities of the Divine Feminine energy such as creativity, caring, unconditional love, nurturing and living in peace and harmonious with all living beings. See how a healthy mother always care, always nurture, and will love unconditionally. So, together let’s raise the consciousness. Let’s bring about the revival of the Divine feminine energy for Mother Earth’s own survival and for thriving for our children future generations, for their children, their grand and grand children. Let’s do it together. Are you willing? Join Devi Ma and learn how to unleash the Divine Feminine energy. As Devi Ma says of this journey, “We cannot master HER, only surrender to HER.” Tap into this primordial cosmic energy so you can also rebalance these two polar energies—Shakti/Shiva—within your own subtle body and physical body.

In Radiating the Light advanced program, you will learn every aspect of unleashing yours Divine Feminine energy. The new emerging paradigm of this feminine energy is expressed in equanimity, community, equality, generosity, and profound spiritual union. Devi Ma imparts not only the ancient spiritual wisdom, but she also draws on authentic methods to help you experience this healing and transformative energy. The Siddha Sat Chit Ananda Kriya yoga meditation is an invaluable tool that will assist you in this transformation. 

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The secret of the Ancient Tradition of YOGA

 The Great Blessing of Yoga – Celebration The Ultimate Union!


Inner beauty is realizing and experiencing the oneness of existence, that is yoga. The purpose of being on the spiritual path is to awaken your ultimate nature, and experience the oneness of existence in all living beings. That is to be in union with the Creator….God, by whatever word we choose to call this supreme Absolute intelligent consciousness. This rich ancient science of yoga always leads to expansion, boundlessness, oneness and liberation no matter what is your background, identifications, and life accumulations. Yoga is not based on any blind belief system, doctrine, or dogma. It is not a religion. Yoga is simply the science of experiencing the whole of existence as one by breaking all the boundaries of ignorance. It is the science of inner well being, of self-realization and intoxicating bliss. Any persistent and genuine seeker can experience the Divine presence within. Don’t seek outside. Within your body temple, within the shrine of your heart is the Supreme lover. Realize that you are the wave of the ocean of pure consciousness and Divine love. That is enlightenment by breaking all the boundaries of ignorance.

The Sanskrit word “yoga” literally means “yoke,” to unite. This union aims to dissolve, liberate, and unite oneself with the pure consciousness ( Nirgun Brahma) often referred to as the Source, the Self, the Absolute, God, Brahma, Creator, Divine Mother, or hundreds of other names. I love to refer to our Creator as the Divine Mother. When the rishis (ancient sages) talked about moksha (or mukthi) or Nirvana, the ultimate fruit of yoga, they referred to liberation from the endless cycle of rebirth, pain, and suffering in the physical realm.

Yoga is the science of union and the knowledge of the spine (related to the “kundalini” knowledge). So yoga is the union with the Divine in all its forms. Figuratively speaking, we can be in a state of yoga in every moment of our lives as we inhale and exhale mindfully. Becoming aware of your conscious breathing (with the help of subtle yet effective mindfulness tools and techniques) is realizing and experiencing that you are breathing in the Divine. Scientists affirm that everything is made of the same energy manifesting and expanding in billions of different forms. This energy is prana, the infinite, omnipresent and vital life-force that animates every living, sentient being and the universe. The cosmos is overflowing with it. Prana from Sanskrit can be translated as vibration, movement, or even motion and life-force energy. For this reason, pranayama (various types of yogic breathing techniques) extends beyond the control of breath; it is the grand portal to higher stages of consciousness, the universe, truth, and what we call God or Creator, the Source. Pranayama opens the door to endless divine power and infinite possibilities. Controlling this life-force energy is the sole purpose of pranayama. Sincere seekers have to be initiated by a genuine satguru to experience, learn, and practice the ancient art of pranayama. The higher we vibrate with prana, the more inner power we emanate.

Today we are witnessing a renaissance of this tradition, with yoga studios everywhere. Yet this trend is far from the genuine ancient and authentic yoga taught by the rishis for God-realization and liberation. Unfortunately, in the Western hemisphere many people still think of yoga as twisting one’s body into some kind of knot. Yoga goes far beyond exercise. It is an extremely rich and powerful spiritual path that involves body, mind, and spirit. As the revered sage Patanjali expounded in the yoga sutras thousands of years ago, hatha yoga prepares one’s body and mind for deep meditation.

This fascinating and ancient science of yoga is not a religion or a phi- losophy. Yoga does not fall into any category of an “ism.” Faith is not a requirement. You will still get many benefits even if you don’t believe in it. Yoga is a science. Anyone can test it and see the proof by having direct experiences with the Divine. A spirit of inquisitiveness, awareness, consciousness, patience, perseverance, diligent and discipline is required to thrive on the yogic path. If you have a longing and devotion for knowing the truth, success will surely come. In the Yoga tradition, the satguru is regarded as the highest embodiment of the Divine. It is with the grace and guidance of this true and genuine master that one reaches the highest state of ecstasy and liberation.

Yoga was brought from India by the popular pioneer and yogi, Swami Vivekananda, one of the most revered yogis and spiritual masters of the nineteenth century, a close devotee of the highly reputable and well- known mystic, saint, and enlightened master Paramahansa Ramakrishna. Swami Vivekananda introduced yoga to the West when he came to Amer- ica in 1893. He represented India as a delegate at the Parliament of World Religions in Chicago. That day brought a great boon to the Western hemi- sphere. Thereafter, Vivekananda conducted hundreds of public and private classes and lectures disseminating yoga in America and in Europe.

A few decades later, Paramahansa Yogananda set foot on American soil and went on to disseminate the knowledge of yoga in the West, especially “kriya” yoga, the yoga of mastering energy.

According to the ancient rishis and Sadhguru a phenomenal being of light, the Adiyogi (also known as the Adiguru) was the first yogi and supreme guru. He appeared more than ten thousand years ago in the upper region of the Himalayas at Mount Kailash and transmitted the science of yoga and the power of self-realization and liberation to the first seven mystical sages (rishis) to help expand and transform human consciousness to a higher state of vibration. Predating all religious traditions, these seven rishis, known as the Saptarishis, spread yoga over Mother Earth. In the Yoga tradition, the personal form of “Shiva” is revered as the Adiyogi and guru, from which the lineage of gurus descended.

Over the centuries, yoga spread and infiltrated into many different traditions, and new branches of yoga developed. By the grace of the Adiguru, today six major yoga branches have emerged: Hatha yoga (forceful) is the most familiar branch to Westerners; Bhakti (devotion-love); Jnana (right knowledge); Raja (royal), in which Kriya yoga falls; Karma (selfless action); and Tantra (continuity) remains to be explored by many millions of seekers. “Kriya” from Sanskrit means “completed action,” and the ultimate action of kriya yoga is to transform and master the energy. The words yogi (male) and yogini (female) designate those who experience the oneness of this phenomenal existence.

Spirituality means experiencing existence beyond the physical dimension of reality. Most people are trapped and limited within their five senses. As long as we continue to identify ourselves with the physical realm, we will remain caught in its boundaries. This creates the illusion of separation. As Jesus Christ said, “We are in this world, but not of it.” The subtler our being is, the more expansive and freer we become. In this altered state of consciousness, the individual can transcend and go beyond boundaries. Yoga is all about enhancing our perceptions to experience and see things as they are. Ultimately the journey on the spiritual path is to move from the grossest to the subtlest, where boundaries are crossed—from bondage to freedom.

Scientists affirm that everything is made of the same energy manifesting and expanding in billions of different forms. This energy is prana, the infinite, omnipresent and vital life-force that animates every living, sentient being and the universe. The cosmos is overflowing with it. Prana from Sanskrit can be translated as vibration, movement, or even motion and life-force energy. For this reason, pranayama (various types of yogic breathing techniques) extends beyond the control of breath; it is the grand portal to higher stages of consciousness, the universe, truth, and what we call God or Creator, the Source. Pranayama opens the door to endless divine power and infinite possibilities. Controlling this life-force energy is the sole purpose of pranayama.

Enlightenment is boundless within like the wind in the blue sky. Everyone can enjoy and benefit from her/his intoxicating fragrance. You need only be receptive and open to feel it. Self-realization is realizing there is no individual self. There is only One infinite being. Everything in the cosmos is interconnected like a spider web of pure consciousness.

True bliss emerged from the realm of the Anandamaya kosha (bliss body in the subtle body). One of the greatest blessings a sincere seeker may experience in his or her lifetime is the eternal and direct experience of his/her true natural state of enlightenment. Essentially, sat chit ananda is the ultimate grace that can be bestowed upon a human being. No matter what the conditions, when an individual is experiencing sat chit ananda, he or she remains firmly rooted in his/her divinity. My direct experience of sat chit ananda is what I often call and experience as intense Divine Love—exactly what the legendary ascended master Paramahansa Yogananda talked about.

The fire of mindfulness is the greatest alchemist’s wand for being home in this existential moment. Blissfulness, serenity and joy happen in this  eternal moment and experiencing God- that Divine presence within. The more awakened, the more you experience the oneness of this precious existence, and become one with the Supreme Divine Lover. And the more universal responsibility we have toward all living beings’ well-being and happiness. Ultimately it is all the same energy and supreme intelligent consciousness.

In Divine love, Jai Maha Devi!  Shree Devi Mayi Ma

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