Unleash Your Inner Power: Embrace the Journey of a Divine Alchemist – by Shree Devi Mayi Ma

Become a Divine Alchemist

by Shree Devi Mayi Ma

The Awakening of Amrita: A Divine Alchemist’s Tale

Far,  far away in the land of Samsara, in a world filled with duality, misery, suffering, and despair, there was a young girl called Amrita, a beautiful being of light who loved everyone and all animals. As Amrita grew up, accumulating baggage from her childhood and being conditioned by her environment, she felt lost and began to desperately seek the meaning of existence in this barren land of darkness.

As the days went by, Amrita fell into an abyss of gloomy depression and anxiety. Her mind became agitated with thoughts of despair, sorrow, anger, insecurity, and frustration—even suicide.

Empowering Insights from the Divine Mother

One day, Amrita developed a dangerously high fever. In her last few moments of agony, she gasped for help from the Divine Mother. “Please spare me, Mother. I want to live and know who I am.” All of sudden, an inner vision of the Great Cosmic Divine Mother appeared in Amrita’s Ajna chakra, her third eye. The Divine Mother blew an ethereal flow of effulgent life-force energy into her and whispered within every particle of Amrita’s being.

“My child, awake up! You are a walking miracle, yet you do not realize it. In this realization lies freedom. So walk upon Mother Earth consciously as if it were your last day. From alertness to mindfulness to profound awareness, that is the inner pathless path of yoga. You energetic field is your secret magical wand. It is not the outside world that is affecting your state of being and attitude, and troubling your mental state. Everything that you are seeking is already inside you, buried within. It is YOU who are unconsciously creating your biochemistry with your own thoughts, words, and actions. You are a Divine alchemist! You are one hundred percent in charge of your own biochemistry, which is generating within you every moment. No other human in the world can create your feelings and emotions, or your mental landscape, perceptions, sensations and your energetic field.”

Embrace Your Inner Divine Alchemist

Divine Mother continued. “My child, you alone are capable of these emotions, feelings, thought patterns, energies, and perceptions. You are creating your world as you go. Either you vibrate at a lower frequency energy, which is afflicted with depression, hurt, anxiety, fear, resentment, envy, frustration, anger, jealousy, hatred, distrust, arrogance, and duplicity. Or you can choose to emanate at higher vibrational frequency energy of light, with Divine love, compassion, kindness, benevolence, nurturing, joy, bliss, inclusiveness—even experiencing your Divine presence.

Activating the Divine Alchemist Within

“When you activate your inner power to consciously choose to empower yourself with mindful daily empowering energy habits, then you can start tapping into your full potential, your Divine garden within you—the 108 chakras within your subtle body of which you can spin and vibrate. The truth is there is no Divine plan. Only remember that the plan is for you to realize that you are the Divine. Don’t seek outside. The Supreme lover is within the inner shrine of your heart.”

After that last word, the mystical voice and vision of this white light disappeared. Amrita sprang from bed feeling completely rejuvenated and euphoric. A new sense of freedom and joy emanated from her. Amrita had forgotten her true Divine essence. But now she was awakened to the sacred Divine treasures hidden within her inner shrine.

Are you like Amrita, our heroine, living your days unaware of your inner power to create your destiny? When you awaken to this insight, you will find it’s the most liberating epiphany because it means the end of feelings of victimization, co-dependency, and tyranny. Even when our world seems to be in a state of chaos and turmoil, darkness, and transition—like it has been with the pandemic, warfare, and inflation—it is crucial that we all choose to live mindfully, vibrating at higher frequencies on our planet.

Cosmic Energy: The Divine Alchemist’s Tool

“Everything in the cosmos is energy, even thoughts are made out of energy.

Scientists affirm today that everything is made of the same intelligent energy manifesting and expanding in billions of different forms, what the maharishis saw many thousands of years ago. This energy is prana, the infinite, omnipresent, and vital life force that animates every living, sentient being, and the universe. The cosmos is overflowing with it.

Every moment of your life, consciously or unconsciously, you are making decisions that affect your destiny. This is how we collectively create our physical world as co-creator. What kind of contribution do you want to make to this world? Choose carefully because you have immense inner power. That is the phenomenal gift from our Creator. Because we are inter-beings, all interconnected by one web of the Divine, the entire planet is affected by our collective co-creation.”

The Divine Alchemist’s Journey to Consciousness

From alertness to mindfulness to awareness to pure consciousness—that is the journey of the Divine alchemist! Use your magical wand mindfully, compassionately, and consciously, with profound awareness to create the most amazing existence for you, and everyone on the planet. You can blossom your entire inner garden with daily empowerments and ride the wave of life gracefully. People may praise you or trash you; no matter. Keep the same humble focus, pointed to the Divine. Nothing of this world can disturb you; only ego or mind will affect you if you allow it.

Unlocking the Divine Alchemist’s Power

What is important is your volition beyond your thoughts, words and actions. Karma forms a memory into the physical body and subtle body as Samkaras—impressions. Your Samkaras become your Vasanas—your tendencies. Your tendencies shape your energy habits. Your energy habits create your destiny. To become an empowered Divine alchemist is to become mindful and conscious of what the maharishis called the sheaths, the koshas. How you work with them and how you transcendent them is the key of your alchemy!

Koshas: The Divine Alchemist’s Sheaths

Since ancient times, the yogic tradition has viewed the human as a composite of five major sheaths, as discerned more than 3,000 years ago by the revered Taittiriya Upanishad. These sheaths, or koshas, are like envelopes. Each of the five envelopes is composed of finer and finer vibrating energy. Many maharishis and ascended masters have referred to these sheaths as layers of an onion, each representing a different substratum of our being—from the largest to the subtlest. However, some of them have said these envelopes are not our ultimate, true essence, but that beneath them all lies the bliss of the true eternal and absolute universal consciousness (Nirgun Brahman).

The first envelope is Annamaya kosha, the physical sheath—the largest and densest. It is made up of the food (anna) we consume daily. To keep the body healthy, use a daily practice of ancient hatha yoga asanas. It’s best to consume an organic vegan diet with at least 50 percent of it being fresh, raw, nutritious food with a high content of pranic energy, as this will keep you vibrating at a higher energy frequency.

The second envelope is pranamaya kosha, the energy sheath. This is composed of the invisible vital life-force energy (prana), which holds the body together by sustaining and governing your biology; it regulates the functioning and growth of your organism, and your respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and other systems. Pranayama purifies, energizes, replenishes, rejuvenates, and revitalizes your gross body and subtle body; it expands your field of energy. The most essential aspect of becoming a Divine alchemist who radiates light is to gain mastery of over your conscious breath.

The third envelope is the mental sheath called Manomaya kosha. A jabbering mind is the action of this mental envelope. The Divine alchemist who becomes more aware of their mental sheath through mindful practices with tools and other methods can free themselves from unnecessary mental fear, anguish, agitation, and unhealthy thoughts and can also learn how to master and manifest their objectives and dreams. The health of your Manomaya kosha can be highly enhanced by the daily practice of mantra chanting, and empowerments. Mantra yoga calms the agitated wave of the mental sheath by appeasing the individual with ease, stillness, and serenity. Pranayama keeps you vibrating higher, calms the mind, and helps you keep it at a distance.

Most individuals get stuck here, and do not know how to transcend it. A certain type of purifying kriya pranayama is also highly effective to be able to distance yourself. That is one approach to keeping the mind still. The other approach is to train the mind with mindful practices, tools, and Japas. In my experience and my teachings, these two approaches are extremely effective to still the mind when they are combined together, and you learn to master them as a Divine alchemist.

Vijnanamaya kosha is the fourth envelope, and is often viewed as the wisdom sheath because it communicates to our direct experience of higher faculties such as discernment, intuition, wisdom, and insights. It acts as the golden bridge between the universal absolute truth and our conscious mind. It is through the Vijnanamaya kosha that mystical experiences occur. Because this wisdom sheath is so related to the Tantra yogic tradition, it is often hidden away in many people unless they start to access it through genuine tantric yogic practices and daily meditation. The ancient Rishis, mystics, and yogis placed great importance on accessing it.

Over the years as spiritual practices, contemplation, mindfulness, and meditation become richer and more profound for you, you start accessing the wisdom sheath—resulting in the blossoming of a greater sense of clarity, perception, guidance, intuition, wisdom, and insights, and vibrating at much higher energy frequencies. Having access to your Vijnanamaya kosha allows you to gain mastery over your magical wand by creating the course of your own destiny.

The fifth envelope is the bliss sheath, the Anandamaya kosha—the transcendental self. The word “ananda” from Sanskrit has often been misunderstood. It signifies intense bliss or ecstasy resulting from no apparent cause. In a state of ananda, the mind remains calm, yet in universal consciousness—in a quiet, intoxicating ecstasy regardless of duality. In other words, this bliss sheath leads you to experience your natural state of being. When the great sages, mystics, yogis, yoginis, and masters speak of “bliss,” this access to Anandamaya kosha is the fruit of the Divine alchemist!

Ultimately all five envelopes are manifestations of the divine power of shakti energy. One of the most important outcomes to achieve with the phenomenal yogic practices, mindful practices, and learning the art of mastering yourself and becoming a Divine alchemist is to align and harmonize the first three envelopes—the physical, energy, and mental sheaths—to access the magical gateways of the subtler Vijnanamaya kosha and Anandamaya kosha. Then, you know you have gained a certain mastery over your magical wand and energetic field.

Becoming a Masterful Divine Alchemist

So, beloved, learn to master your magical wand consciously, brew your alchemy, gain mastery over your destiny, and embrace the Divine magic wherever you are. You have the choice to manifest beauty and experience your Divine presence. Only you can allow someone else to hurt you. In the state of surrendering, of abandoning yourself, you have already won the victory because a fragrance of equanimity will exude from you like a blossoming garden.

Surrendering begets expansion of consciousness. Power is not about conquering and dominating individuals and animals. True inner power is a supreme Divine quality that is intrinsic to your ultimate nature, embracing all living beings as the Divine Mother.

Remember that your thoughts vibrate, and can manifest. So watch mindfully your thought patterns, and restrain your daily consumptions, which your are ingesting from the media, social media, and your environment. Your equanimity and magnanimity reflect your evolution and your consciousness. Mastering your breath, your sheaths, your volitions, your thoughts, and your emotions—all of which affect your energy—is mastering your life and the course of your destiny. Just as the Divine Mother taught young Amrita in the faraway land of Samsara.

The higher you vibrate with prana, the more inner power and light you emanate. From untruth to truth, darkness to light, ignorance to enlightenment—this is the ultimate path of the Divine alchemist of becoming the light!


Shree Devi Mayi Ma

Mystical Embodiment of the Divine Feminine energy, yogini, author of Becoming the Light:  Realize Your True Enlightened Nature, founder of Devi’s Grace, creator of the online programs Becoming the Light Mastery and Radiating the Light. devigrace.org

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