Drinking Bliss Divine Satsang &
In Presence With Devi Mayi Ma

Either in disciple or indulgence in companionship or aloneness, only one who is in constant touch with the ultimate reality will know bliss.

Empower, Transform Yourself

Satsang means from Sanskrit, “being in the presence of truth and timeless wisdom.” Satsang are free of charge, and is an offering from Devi’s Grace in order to help others spiritually, connect, and build the local community as well as international community. Satsang are presently held at Shree Devi Mayi Ma private sanctum temple in Marin County, California till we have our own public Yoga sanctum.

If you long to explore your inner being, feel connected and belonging, Devi Ma can become a gateway to the Divine. Rediscover and experience your Divine presence by unleashing the treasures buried within you. Transform your suffering and pain into inner well-being and happiness. Do you want to master the alchemy of well-being, freedom, love, joy, bliss, ease, fulfillment and success?

Each Satsang is subtle yet powerful, healing, empowering, insightful, inspirational and transforming! Devi Ma delves in different topic depending on the questions, theme and energy of the group. Devi Ma always includes a spiritual process, a guided meditation, and/or Nada yoga or Nidra yoga beside imparting spiritual knowledge and practical wisdom. Tea & Prasad ( blessed sweet) are served after each Satsang at the end. Come join us and soak in the presence of Divine grace, and enjoy your loving community and sangha. Welcome to the Divine love tribe! 

In Presence with Shree Devi Mayi Ma- (Open to all sincere seekers Now!). Also we are so thrilled to announce an additional Divine Satsang special session, In presence with Devi Mayi Ma via zoom video live every last Saturday of the month at 1 PM. Pacific. This unique opportunity and blessed experience is now opened to all sincere seekers who has a longing to know and explore their inner divine treasures. Please email us to reserve your spot, confirmation, time selection, and receive the Zoom video link Receive spiritual and life guidance, answers to your burning questions, meditate, spiritual processes, and soak in grace with Devi Mayi Ma, and much more.

This is a rare opportunity to ask your personal questions, and interact with Devi Mayi Ma directly, and be in her presence. 

Very Limited spot. Email us via contact page please. 

Upcoming In Presence Divine Satsang with Devi Mayi Ma via Zoom Video —Saturday  May 25, 2024 @ 1 PM Pacific Time. 


All our Divine Satsang are complementary. Reach out via email if you have any questions or concerns.  


Upcoming Drinking Bliss Divine Satsang

This next Divine satsang will be on  Monday June 10 @ 7 PM Pacific Time Livestream and also live in person at our private sanctum. 

We won’t be having Drinking Bliss Divine satsang in September, 2024 due to Devi  Mayi Ma’s traveling schedule. 

Every second Monday night of the month (Pacific Time zone). Shree Devi Mayi Ma explores a different topic, offers timeless wisdom, spiritual processes & knowledge, meditation & mantra chantings, Q & A, and much more.


You can attend live in person at our private sanctum located in San Anselmo, California. In order to attend in person, please email us in advance to reserve via the contact page (very limited space). Or call us, at (415) 453-5353

We are so happy to announce that we also broadcast via webcast livestream on Devi Mayi Ma Mayi Ma ‘s channel on Youtube. If you subscribe on our YOUTUBE channel, you can easily get notification by turning on notifications, and accessing our live stream Divine satsang.

See bottom of the home page for all the social media icons.

Please subscribe to Devi Mayi Ma’s YouTube channel for notifications for profound, enlightening teachings, wisdom, guided meditation, transmission, and insightful videos.

Very Limited space:

Call us to reserve for in person live seating at our private sanctum at TEL: 1 (415) 453-5359 (Pacific Time) or email us via the contact page for the address and reservation. 

We are so looking forward to connect with you, and welcome you in our beloved community! This is a complimentary offering from Devi’ Grace. Reach out if you have any questions. 

“Don’t seek outside, the Supreme lover is within the inner shrine of your heart.”

– Shree Devi Mayi Ma

Singing praises for Devi’s Grace satsang …..


“The experience at Drinking Bliss Divine Satsang live at Devi’s Grace private sanctum with whom I call “Mataji” was blissful. To be seated again with one who knows the deep peace of abiding in the heart was a powerful reminder of who we all truly are. What a magical offering to the world! I am glad I broke through the resistance and attended a satsang, although have been dreaming of it, sometimes it’s hard to actualize.  It was a powerful clearing for me to be there. To sit with a teacher who knows deeply the yogic traditions, and who can share them with grace and love was like a homecoming for me. It may take some time, but those who it is intended for, and who are ready to find peace and bliss will come and experience the peace and wisdom Devi Ma offers. I look forward to being there next month. Thank you for Being! And thank you for sharing Divine satsang with the world. Those who come are indeed blessed. Divine bliss has me ready to come back!” 

Janabai Owen

Fairfax, California  

“Namaste Devi Ma…. The last Drinking Bliss Divine satsang, The Hidden Force of Vibration Within You: Unlock the Powers & Dangers of Mantras (livestream from your Youtube channel), was beyond amazing! During the guided-meditation I experienced such bliss which I have never experienced in my whole life. Also throughout the satsang the space that was offered was just so peaceful, yet challenging and at the same time supportive and loving. It also felt like the satsang was taking place beyond time and space, because I felt completely transported into the room with you, and connected to everyone that were attending live in person in your sanctum. Thank you so much for the amazing satsang! Also I want to share that I have been consistent with Becoming the Light Inner Journey Mastery online program’s practices as much as I can. And it has been so wonderful all the processes! They are just bringing so much stability, presence, peace and ease. Also it is an extremely easy way to connect to my Divine essence just about anytime in my daily life as I am mindfully walking, or just the few minutes of mindful conscious-breathing pauses and longer mindful pauses. I find them very rooting, and it is a very easy and practical way to bring about grace into the moment of which I connect deeply with my inner being, and check-in with what is happening inside myself. My sense of being, a presence, a consciousness is expanding more and more.”

Morad Sedky, Cairo, Egypt 

“I attended Shree Devi Mayi Ma’s Satsang at Devi’s Grace private temple sanctum on October 22, 2022 in Marin county, California. This unique and awesome Satsang was purely a heart opening experience for me. The pure, divine light that came thru Devi Ma was truly beautiful and very moving. The energy in the room was intimate and crystalline. Everything that Devi Ma was talking about was very synchronistic and deeply resonated for my entire being. I left feeling more whole, healed and inspired. I also met and was delighted to hear a poem offered by one of the participants at that Divine Satsang.  I feel grateful and blessed. Namaste,”

Vincenza  Costa, 
ParaEducator LCMSD, Fairfax, CA, USA

“I had the great privilege of attending Shree Devi Mayi Ma’s Satsang  on November 14, 2022 via Zoom! Her knowledge of yogic science is vast and she easily imparts this ancient wisdom while sharing very practical and healing techniques and guided meditation. The 2 hours flew by! This is a beautiful opportunity for anyone seeking spiritually. Thank you Shree Devi Mayi Ma for your beauty, wisdom, generosity and love!!! I’m looking forward to December 12th!  Love, namaste “   

Joan Robin Jacobs,
Musician, New York,  USA 


“Thank you so much for letting me join the satsang. It was a great blessing to be in your presence, Devi  Mayi Ma. The guided meditation you led us on was very vivid and powerful. And your answers during the satsang were so clear and overflowing with wisdom, knowledge and grace. You are the embodiment of Shakti. Many thanks.”

Grant, Illinois, United States“

Last night I had the pleasure of attending my first Satsang with Shree Devi Mayi Ma, or as she is affectionately known, Devi Ma. Satsang means meeting or associating with Truth. Simply put, the Truth Devi Ma conveys is Love. George Harrison wrote in his autobiography, “If you are interested in something, if you have the opportunity, you might as well hang out with the best ones, where the experience whatever it is, maybe the deepest.” From my perspective, Devi Ma embodies the feminine dimension of Divine Love, in a light-hearted and fun way.She gave an insightful dharma talk, engaged in meaningful questions, and we chanted uplifting mantras. The mood of the occasion was bright and light. I am looking forward to returning.”

Joe Pietromonaco, Ph.D.
Psychologist and screenwriter
Oakland, CA

“I’ve been around many spiritual masters since the 1960’s, some famous, some obscure. I’ve never been met with such a warm embrace as I get from Devi Ma. She truly radiates joy and bliss, and is welcoming in a way I’ve never experienced with the others. Devi Ma is like springtime blossoms, and who isn’t touched and enlivened by them? I don’t know any other way to describe her. The first time I went to her Drinking Bliss Divine satsang & meditation, I was a bit skeptical. However, within a minute of walking in the door, it was replaced by a levity of spirit. It’s such an opportunity to be with a master of her caliber who lives nearby, and who overflows with grace. With profound gratitude.”

Miriam (Gopi) Weinstein

Fairfax, California , United States


“The energy of Devi and her space immediately transports you to a better energetic place. The warmth, wisdom, hospitality and generosity permeates the entire evening. Tapping into meditation in this environment couldn’t be easier.”

Valerie Ann-Marie Hall
Yoga teacher & Natural food supplement buyer
Fairfax, California, USA






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