Becoming the Light

What was the most rewarding experience through your spiritual journey?

What has been the most important or beneficial lesson you have learned?
My most blessed experiences always have been in being in the presence of the ascended masters and my sat guru. Lessons belong more to the social realm in many ways. Awakening is about insights, realizations, experiencing an energetic flow, and realizing our divinity. Spiritual awakening belongs to the realm of the beyond. Having insights, realizations and mystical experiences can be far more beneficial in the long run. It all depends on many circumstances. 

As you revisited past memories, did anything surprise you?

Were there any connections you hadn’t made before or seeing new elements of your life in a new light? It is obvious that I have been on the spiritual path in many past lifetimes, especially in India. I am convinced of reincarnation, which I used to have so many doubts. I can see even more clearly my past lifetimes’ connections, and my connection with the ascended masters.

A lot of memoir writers believe that they need to portray themselves in a positive way yet your memoir is very honest. Was it hard for you to write about your flaws so publicly? 

No, not all. Do you know someone who is perfect? And yet we each are a perfect, divine being in the here and now. There was no other way to write this book except with an intimate and authentic voice. I would not have written it otherwise. How would you have witnessed my growth, my evolution and my spiritual awakening over the many decades?

My book is much more than a spiritual memoir. This physical life is filled with duality, thus a memoir has to reflect that too. No story can ever be all goody and positive. That would be boring and misleading. My book would have never been insightful, inspiring, uplifting and able to guide and help. I had to become the light so to speak. If one is self-realized, humble with integrity, kindness and loving compassion, these qualities permeate within all their projects and presence.  The truth is— it is not about “becoming the light.” This is only the title of this book in reference to the context of my unfolding story within the narrative. We don’t become the light, per se. We realize that we are already the light when we realize our true divine nature and tap into the beyond. We move out of the way, and the Divine takes over! We are all spiritual beings dreaming a human dream. Only within the depth of our inner shrine can we experience the light. The almighty presence is there. If you are tuned in, in frequency ….anyone could feel a Divine presence emanating from this kind of self-realized being. That is the light. We write because we want to give something back, and in the process we may offer a part of our true nature. This book is my embracing you, my boundless gift to you. I hope through your reading you have allowed yourself to go deep within, and could feel my being. In that process you may have felt the universal spirit that animates all particles of this creation.

Now that you have completed this book, how do you feel?

My heart is overflowing with so much gratitude for having the great blessing of being on this spiritual path and be an instrument of grace and light. I feel deeply humbled to still be alive in order to tell, to help others and the animals. May you discover the boundless treasures of your true blissful nature, and give back abundantly to others and the animals in dire need. Sending you a blossoming garden filled with divine love, light, grace and blessings.

All International Copyrights reserved to Vivianne Nantel, 2018