Why seeking Enlightenment is for the fools?

Why seeking Enlightenment is for the fools

Seeking enlightenment

Enlightenment, the great cosmic joke. Yes, you are already enlightened, and that is the absolute truth. So why seek enlightenment? And seeking enlightenment is for the fools, you know, it’s like a bird who is looking to fly and say, where is the air, where is the sky? Enlightenment is the same, beloved? Because you see, this is where the big confusion comes in… there is absolute truth. Absolute truth is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient. And it’s eternal, and it’s immortal, its infinite like there are certain laws of the universe, like cause and effect and the law of attraction. So it is absolute truth, it is permanent; it will never change, it is omnipotent. So the absolute truth is, we all are in this very present moment, we are enlightened because we are true spirits; it’s our true nature to be enlightened.

Why do you may get confused on your Spiritual Journey ?   

Seeking enlightenment

I remember all throughout my spiritual journey, my awakening (spiritual journey) was always the big confusion that I was seeing all the time. I even see it with my followers. And it’s always that confusion between absolute truth and relative truth. So, let’s explain relative truth. Relative truth is in direct correlation with another in a relationship. It’s related to the physical plane. So relative truth is like; most human beings are not enlightened per se unless they have self-realized. Though, let me rephrase that…what Devi Ma means is that people accumulate conditioning and a lot of baggage, and most people do. It is universal, and so that’s the nature of human beings with ego and mind to constantly be conditioned, brainwashed, and accumulated. You see, it’s in relation to something else. So, this is the relative truth that human beings have been conditioned to, either from a dysfunctional family, social media, government, or authority. Whatever there is in the physical realm, we live in a duality where we constantly deal with relative truth. So the relative truth is, one of them is most people grow up in a dysfunctional family.  Therefore, they accumulate so much garbage, and the karmic structure is so loaded. And so that’s why ultimately, people live in suffering and misery, and some are in emotional pain because they haven’t gotten rid of all the garbage. Because that is the nature of the physical realm. There is duality, yet the absolute truth is that we all are interconnected by one web. It’s like a universal web, like a spider web, all interconnected by one source. There is no absolute separation between all of us. And to experience that deep down and that non-dualistic experience of oneness is rare for most people.

Even though if you look at the Maharishi, Ramana… I have a profound, beautiful reverence for this spiritual master who brought the path of self-inquiry. Self-inquiry directly channels to the Source is a very hard experience for most people because the nature of the physical realm is to live in relative truth. To live bombarded by all the karmic structure you’re carrying by your personality, Asmita, the ego identifications, by your mind; by all the samskara, the karmic impressions, the vasana,  the tendency, the conditioning, the accumulation, all of that is a big load that you’re carrying. So it’s very hard for most people to be able to transcend, feel and experience their true nature at the moment. Self-inquiry is a beautiful path, but it’s difficult for most people. Aren’t you caught in your mind all or, most of the time, the jabbering of your mind? Most people get caught in what we call the mental body.

Why transcending the Mental Body is so crucial?  

Seeking enlightenment

You must transcend the physical body, and  the mental body, what we call in the yogic tradition the Mano Maya Kosha, and then the Pranic Maya Kosha, the energy body. So when you start transcending these sheaths, you can really tap into beyond the Vijnana Maya Kosha, the etheric body to really transcend into the bliss body, the Ananda Maya Kosha. Self-inquiry which is to go and tap into the Source, to go straight to the Cosmic Mind is very challenging because you have to transcend all those envelopes, what we call in the yogic tradition, the maya kosha, these sheaths. Devi Ma says that it is not impossible. It is certainly possible! But for most people it’s very difficult. You might get a glimpse of it and that’s so beautiful, but it’s very hard to maintain it.

Enlightenment doesn’t happen like a big bang. If you look beloved, for example at a seed, you plant a seed of a peach tree, right? And you’ve seen the sprout growing, and then there is a little plant growing with the right conditions, the right elements because everything has cause and effect, the perfect conditions have to be there for the sprout to grow, and for the right amount of protection, and as it grows the conditions have to change. Too much sunlight, too much rain, or not enough rain, or too much protection from the elements could hamper the plant. Then the plant starts growing, growing and growing, and with the right conditions, the right effects, and the right amount of sunlight; too much sunlight could completely burn out the young new plant, or too much rain will completely destroy it. So with the right conditions, you can pierce through these envelopes, especially transcending the mental body and go beyond your limitations and boundaries.

Why a journey on the Spiritual Path?

Seeking enlightenment

As the baby plant grows, grows and grows, it’s like the spiritual unfoldment on your journey on the spiritual path. Then it unfolds, and it finds some obstacles, overcomes it and grows and grows, and then becomes a strong tree. See how long it takes. It’s a process, and then suddenly flowers come, and in a different season then you’ll start seeing little fruits starting to grow for it to finally bring that sweetness in the peach. I love peach, it’s such a delicious fruit, especially when they’re ripe. They’re so delicious! But it’s a long journey from seed to become a peach, and it’s the same for enlightenment, for this unfoldment. So, Devi Ma always says, in a way, yes enlightenment is the greatest joke, a cosmic joke, because ultimately within our own spirit, our own being, we all are enlightened. That’s our true nature. But when we come into the physical realm, we are facing relative truth; we are facing duality. Ah one important part….the duality we are experiencing in the physical world is how we are experiencing this world. How could you know from love to hatred, or good to bad? You see, beloved? So, if you look around, all around, we see duality all over in this realm. In fact, some countries like in India experiences extreme duality for instance. If you haven’t gone to India yet, I highly recommend that you go. It’s a phenomenal experience because you will see extreme duality there. And it’s necessary to change your perception.

The physical realm cannot be without the relative truth and without the duality of opposites, because that is what keeps the physical realm alive and manifesting. Without it, the physical realm would collapse. That is how phenomena come into existence in this plane. And yet, the absolute truth at the very core of who we are, our true essence of who we are, is there is nothing that needs to be done. Because the bird is out of the cage, can fly and is free. And it is our true nature to be free, infinite and abundant in a complete expansion of consciousness with no limitations, no duality, and no separation. Because ultimately this is the challenge human beings have here on Earth, is to come back to the present moment, and to experience their true nature. Because of the karmic structure that most people have, the bags they carry makes it almost impossible not on the path. It requires a lot of sadhana (spiritual yogic practices), a lot of Kriya yoga (pranayama), meditation and mindful practices, etc. These are powerful ways to transcend and experience to your true nature. And for other seekers who are a lot more evolved, and who don’t have so much of a karmic structure, it might be easier to transcend and experience your Divine presence. You see, Ramana Maharishi was already living, bathing in his own Divine presence, already fully enlightened, so without doing anything. 

It was very easy for Ramana Maharishi, but try to sit there forever, for weeks and months on and on, and just to be in your Divine presence, to close your eyes and do nothing, be nothing. Your ego and your mind are not going to allow it for most people. But the point of this, beloved, is don’t seek enlightenment because ultimately you know it’s there. All you need to do is just get rid of garbage. That’s all. It’s like peeling an onion. This expression has been used, I believe, as an example in Buddhist language. It’s like layer after layer. This has been my experience that enlightenment is not a big bang. It is really a dissolution of ego identifications, and it’s a process. It varies from person to person, again depending on the conditions and their karmic structure.

Do not Seek Enlightenment

Do not chase enlightenment. Not every peach tree will grow the same way. Where they’re planted, how they were planted, in which climate they are in, what kind of soil, and what kind of sunlight and nutrients the tree receives. So, it depends on your karmic structure. It will also depend on the kind of sadhana you do. It could also depend on the kind of spirit you are and many conditions around you. The best thing is, don’t worry about any of this, just be in a state of abandonment and a state of wonderment like a child. Don’t seek enlightenment because when you realize it’s a joke, it’s the great cosmic joke, you just go back within yourself and just enjoy the ride. Just know that your heart is the gateway to God, is the gateway to the Divine within yourself. When you enshrine Divine love there, and you know this is the gateway, if you seek something, don’t seek enlightenment because it can become the biggest obstacle for you just chasing enlightenment. It’s elusive for most people. Just seek within your heart, the shrine of Divine love, and you are sure on the right way to experience your Divine presence, and your true nature.

So, how do you know that someone is enlightened? How can you tell? That’s a question also often asked. Well, my own experience, from my own realization, and I speak with a tremendous, profound experience of phenomenal spiritual, transcendental, mystical Kundalini ascension, and this was an unfoldment for so many lifetimes. And how could you tell? Well, first, you will notice everything change about you, even your physiology changes. The eyes… there’s such a Divine light, pure light coming from the eyes, not a light that you see in most people.

It’s challenging to put this into words. A pure light emanates from this being as a Divine presence, an energetically field. The way they speak with so much wisdom. Just something unusual about their presence, this presence is something that needs to be experienced. It’s something, just the glowing of the aura is different and ethereal. It’s a state of vairagya, of colorless. It’s a state of pure Divine light, consciousness and love. It’s vibrational field that you feel, ultimately is the true nature. So don’t seek enlightenment. It’s for the fools and just enjoy the ride. Go make your heart the shrine for the Divine, and there you will find Divine love, and you will experience a beautiful journey on your path. And don’t worry if you don’t have this glimpse of your true nature and presence yet, it’s an unfolment and just trust the process. It can be the most phenomenal soul journey! 

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The secret of the Ancient Tradition of YOGA

Inner beauty is realizing and experiencing the oneness of existence, that is yoga. The purpose of being on the spiritual path is to awaken your ultimate nature, and experience the oneness of existence in all living beings. That is to be in union with the Creator….God, by whatever word we choose to call this supreme Absolute intelligent consciousness. This rich ancient science of yoga always leads to expansion, boundlessness, oneness and liberation no matter what is your background, identifications, and life accumulations. Yoga is not based on any blind belief system, doctrine, or dogma. It is not a religion. Yoga is simply the science of experiencing the whole of existence as one by breaking all the boundaries of ignorance. It is the science of inner well being, of self-realization and intoxicating bliss. Any persistent and genuine seeker can experience the Divine presence within. Don’t seek outside. Within your body temple, within the shrine of your heart is the Supreme lover. Realize that you are the wave of the ocean of pure consciousness and Divine love. That is enlightenment by breaking all the boundaries of ignorance.

The Sanskrit word “yoga” literally means “yoke,” to unite. This union aims to dissolve, liberate, and unite oneself with the pure consciousness ( Nirgun Brahma) often referred to as the Source, the Self, the Absolute, God, Brahma, Creator, Divine Mother, or hundreds of other names. I love to refer to our Creator as the Divine Mother. When the rishis (ancient sages) talked about moksha (or mukthi) or Nirvana, the ultimate fruit of yoga, they referred to liberation from the endless cycle of rebirth, pain, and suffering in the physical realm.

Yoga is the science of union and the knowledge of the spine (related to the “kundalini” knowledge). So yoga is the union with the Divine in all its forms. Figuratively speaking, we can be in a state of yoga in every moment of our lives as we inhale and exhale mindfully. Becoming aware of your conscious breathing (with the help of subtle yet effective mindfulness tools and techniques) is realizing and experiencing that you are breathing in the Divine. Scientists affirm that everything is made of the same energy manifesting and expanding in billions of different forms. This energy is prana, the infinite, omnipresent and vital life-force that animates every living, sentient being and the universe. The cosmos is overflowing with it. Prana from Sanskrit can be translated as vibration, movement, or even motion and life-force energy. For this reason, pranayama (various types of yogic breathing techniques) extends beyond the control of breath; it is the grand portal to higher stages of consciousness, the universe, truth, and what we call God or Creator, the Source. Pranayama opens the door to endless divine power and infinite possibilities. Controlling this life-force energy is the sole purpose of pranayama. Sincere seekers have to be initiated by a genuine satguru to experience, learn, and practice the ancient art of pranayama. The higher we vibrate with prana, the more inner power we emanate.

Today we are witnessing a renaissance of this tradition, with yoga studios everywhere. Yet this trend is far from the genuine ancient and authentic yoga taught by the rishis for God-realization and liberation. Unfortunately, in the Western hemisphere many people still think of yoga as twisting one’s body into some kind of knot. Yoga goes far beyond exercise. It is an extremely rich and powerful spiritual path that involves body, mind, and spirit. As the revered sage Patanjali expounded in the yoga sutras thousands of years ago, hatha yoga prepares one’s body and mind for deep meditation.

This fascinating and ancient science of yoga is not a religion or a phi- losophy. Yoga does not fall into any category of an “ism.” Faith is not a requirement. You will still get many benefits even if you don’t believe in it. Yoga is a science. Anyone can test it and see the proof by having direct experiences with the Divine. A spirit of inquisitiveness, awareness, consciousness, patience, perseverance, diligent and discipline is required to thrive on the yogic path. If you have a longing and devotion for knowing the truth, success will surely come. In the Yoga tradition, the satguru is regarded as the highest embodiment of the Divine. It is with the grace and guidance of this true and genuine master that one reaches the highest state of ecstasy and liberation.

Yoga was brought from India by the popular pioneer and yogi, Swami Vivekananda, one of the most revered yogis and spiritual masters of the nineteenth century, a close devotee of the highly reputable and well- known mystic, saint, and enlightened master Paramahansa Ramakrishna. Swami Vivekananda introduced yoga to the West when he came to Amer- ica in 1893. He represented India as a delegate at the Parliament of World Religions in Chicago. That day brought a great boon to the Western hemi- sphere. Thereafter, Vivekananda conducted hundreds of public and private classes and lectures disseminating yoga in America and in Europe.

A few decades later, Paramahansa Yogananda set foot on American soil and went on to disseminate the knowledge of yoga in the West, especially “kriya” yoga, the yoga of mastering energy.

According to the ancient rishis and Sadhguru a phenomenal being of light, the Adiyogi (also known as the Adiguru) was the first yogi and supreme guru. He appeared more than ten thousand years ago in the upper region of the Himalayas at Mount Kailash and transmitted the science of yoga and the power of self-realization and liberation to the first seven mystical sages (rishis) to help expand and transform human consciousness to a higher state of vibration. Predating all religious traditions, these seven rishis, known as the Saptarishis, spread yoga over Mother Earth. In the Yoga tradition, the personal form of “Shiva” is revered as the Adiyogi and guru, from which the lineage of gurus descended.

Over the centuries, yoga spread and infiltrated into many different traditions, and new branches of yoga developed. By the grace of the Adiguru, today six major yoga branches have emerged: Hatha yoga (forceful) is the most familiar branch to Westerners; Bhakti (devotion-love); Jnana (right knowledge); Raja (royal), in which Kriya yoga falls; Karma (selfless action); and Tantra (continuity) remains to be explored by many millions of seekers. “Kriya” from Sanskrit means “completed action,” and the ultimate action of kriya yoga is to transform and master the energy. The words yogi (male) and yogini (female) designate those who experience the oneness of this phenomenal existence.

Spirituality means experiencing existence beyond the physical dimension of reality. Most people are trapped and limited within their five senses. As long as we continue to identify ourselves with the physical realm, we will remain caught in its boundaries. This creates the illusion of separation. As Jesus Christ said, “We are in this world, but not of it.” The subtler our being is, the more expansive and freer we become. In this altered state of consciousness, the individual can transcend and go beyond boundaries. Yoga is all about enhancing our perceptions to experience and see things as they are. Ultimately the journey on the spiritual path is to move from the grossest to the subtlest, where boundaries are crossed—from bondage to freedom.

Scientists affirm that everything is made of the same energy manifesting and expanding in billions of different forms. This energy is prana, the infinite, omnipresent and vital life-force that animates every living, sentient being and the universe. The cosmos is overflowing with it. Prana from Sanskrit can be translated as vibration, movement, or even motion and life-force energy. For this reason, pranayama (various types of yogic breathing techniques) extends beyond the control of breath; it is the grand portal to higher stages of consciousness, the universe, truth, and what we call God or Creator, the Source. Pranayama opens the door to endless divine power and infinite possibilities. Controlling this life-force energy is the sole purpose of pranayama.

Enlightenment is boundless within like the wind in the blue sky. Everyone can enjoy and benefit from her/his intoxicating fragrance. You need only be receptive and open to feel it. Self-realization is realizing there is no individual self. There is only One infinite being. Everything in the cosmos is interconnected like a spider web of pure consciousness.

True bliss emerged from the realm of the Anandamaya kosha (bliss body in the subtle body). One of the greatest blessings a sincere seeker may experience in his or her lifetime is the eternal and direct experience of his/her true natural state of enlightenment. Essentially, sat chit ananda is the ultimate grace that can be bestowed upon a human being. No matter what the conditions, when an individual is experiencing sat chit ananda, he or she remains firmly rooted in his/her divinity. My direct experience of sat chit ananda is what I often call and experience as intense Divine Love—exactly what the legendary ascended master Paramahansa Yogananda talked about.

The fire of mindfulness is the greatest alchemist’s wand for being home in this existential moment. Blissfulness, serenity and joy happen in this  eternal moment and experiencing God- that Divine presence within. The more awakened, the more you experience the oneness of this precious existence, and become one with the Supreme Divine Lover. And the more universal responsibility we have toward all living beings’ well-being and happiness. Ultimately it is all the same energy and supreme intelligent consciousness.

In Divine love, Jai Maha Devi!  Shree Devi Mayi Ma

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