You Have The Power to Experience Joy and Master your Destiny.

Are you going through a spiritual awakening? Are you soul searching, feeling stuck, lost, depressed, and anxiously struggling with the challenges of life, from crisis to crisis? Or simply want and need to thrive on your spiritual and life  journey ? Need guidance and direction? 

Empower and transform yourself

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Experience the Alchemy of Divine Transformation with Devi Mayi Ma

Do you want to master the alchemy of well-being, freedom, love, ease, happiness, inner peace, joy, bliss, fulfillment, and success in your life? Need guidance and direction? Is your spirit crying out?

Transform your suffering and pain, and experience your Divine presence, realize your ultimate potential by becoming the alchemist of your own destiny!

Becoming the Light Inner Journey mastery program (online) can become your gateway to the Divine. You have the inner power to master your destiny and experience inner transformation. 

Become the light of your life and radiate from within.

Becoming The Light

Realize Your True Enlightened Nature

Amazon Best Seller in Spiritual, Self Help & Personal Transformation category

“This book is a must-have for anyone wanting to drink deeper into the fountain of yoga, spirituality, self-realization and wellness. Written by a modern-day Deva, this is an inspirational and enlightening book. The love, devotion and passion that Shree Devi Mayi Ma ( Vivianne Nantel) has invested into Becoming the Light is humbling. It’s a treasure trove of spiritual wisdom – a modern day classic.”


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“Knowing yourself is knowing God. Knowing God is knowing yourself. There is nothing else to know.”

– Shree Devi Mayi Ma

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Becoming the light

Realize Your True Enlightened Nature
Amazon Best Seller in Spiritual, Self Help & Personal Transformation category
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Becoming The Light