In Search of Love | Devi’s Grace by Shree Devi Mayi Ma

In Bhakti yoga, the most ordinary activity may become full of spiritual beauty, value, and significance if it is performed or expressed for the unfolding of selflessness and the expression of Divine love. The Source is manifested in every atom of this universe. So it does not matter at the end who is our sacred figure and/or religion, because the same thread connects us all. We are all interconnected as One like waves of the cosmic ocean. When we hurt someone, an animal or nature, we only are hurting ourselves. When we let someone down, we are letting ourselves down. Inner beauty is realizing and experiencing the oneness of existence. That is to be in yoga. Love and compassion are the pulsating heart of all spiritual paths and religions. When an individual feels Divine love within, the rest blossoms like a wild garden; compassion, understanding, reverence, harmony and respect all occur naturally within.

Thus, Bhakti yoga is universal and can be practiced by anyone from any religious, socio-cultural or economic background. The only criterion is to have longing for the Divine. This emotional force called “Rati” transforms the lover, shedding all psychological and emotional limitations, blocks and fears. One may wonder, is this path of love merely one of sentimentalism and emotional outburst? Bhakti yoga recognizes the amazing power of human emotions, and encourages devotees to wisely channel their energy to the highest Divine goal, the ultimate objective of existence.



Devotion liberates the imprisoned heart from its own fabricated jail, to feel again by letting go of life conditioning, depression, socialization and the false illusion of the ego. Devotion elevates and expands our consciousness to the Source by allowing our genuine nature to pierce through. Only then the intensity of the longing (Rhada) of our being can be felt— the cry heard. “Your life becomes utterly beautiful because your emotion has become so sweet. Through that sweetness, one grows. That is devotion,” says Sadhguru.

When one becomes passionate for the Divine, one opens up their heart to this entire creation, breaking down all man-made barriers. All religious, political, ethic and socio-economic walls dissolved. Divine love then flows abundantly. Bhakti Yoga is the alchemist healer for the brokenhearted, the lost soul, the wounded one who is afraid to love again for fear of rejection, commitment, vulnerability, pain and suffering. Decades ago my heart was shattered to pieces. I never thought I could ever love again. But my devotion to the Divine healed me. I have experienced the healing power of Bhakti Yoga. “If you use your emotions and try to reach the ultimate, we call this Bhakti yoga, the path of devotion,” says Sadhguru.

The element of surrendering is the core of Bhakti yoga, without it there

cannot be any devotion and pure love. “Thy will be done.” Most Westerns do not understand the meaning of this Eastern thought on “surrendering.” Many individuals view it as a demeaning or a submissive position. Surrendering is empowering spiritually. Surrendering is letting go of the strong demands of the ego personality, and getting rid of the noisy chaos of the mind which are responsible for our anxieties, fears, limitations, stress, worries, confusion and suffering. “Surrender” allows the eternal beauty of our true nature to shine thru. How can we deny ourselves the highest? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Gurudev) says on surrendering, “Have faith in the organizing power of the supreme intelligence and have the sincere feeling, ‘let thy will be done.’ That is a state of total contentment. The pinnacle of love is also called ‘surrender’- where your whole being becomes one with the infinite, where the river meets the ocean, where the activity reposes in rest, in the self.”

Offering flowers, incense, candles, and fruits to the Divine is not enough; it is like compassion without action. Offering every breath, every thought, every action with a heartfelt passion to the Divine is the devotion of the genuine bhakta; worship God in every particle of this universe. “What dawns in you is freedom and joy. Divine love is itself an end, is itself the fruit,” says Gurudev. Once Anandamayi-Ma said, “If one loses one’s being in the contemplation of the Divine name, one can merge oneself in the ocean of Heavenly Beauty.” Her entire life also exemplified this sublime path of love, so is my  my work—my breath.



In the state of surrendering, of abandoning oneself, we have already won the victory because a fragrance of equanimity will exude from us like a blossoming garden. Surrendering begets expansion of consciousness. Divine love brings us back home, healing us from the illusion of separation from the Source. The more we know and experience our ultimate nature, the more we become an instrument and expression of beauty, love, and compassion. Compassion is always the highest expression of love. Genuine love is just there like the sun radiating all over the planet, and all living beings. Its rays emanate without discrimination, without asking for anything in return. Divine Love is our very nature. It needs to be experienced, expressed. We have wings to soar. When Divine love is present, it can never go away. It is eternal and boundless.

Forever in search of eternal Divine love, I woke up one morning ….an epiphany had blossomed in my being like a baby lotus bathing in a tranquil pond. As a yogini, mystic, spiritual guide, vocalist, composer, artist and author, I realized my work is a spiritual ritual and devotion offered to the Divine Mother. I only sing, chant, write, compose music and paint for the Divine and help others and the animals to lose myself in it—as an instrument glorifying its wonder. Like the blue moon scintillating on a crystal lake, my work reflects our deepest longing to merge. Shakti, the primordial Divine energy permeates all that my being is.

Only from the garden of Divine love can compassion, kindness, and selfless service spring forth. When Divine love grows in one’s heart, all human values flourish. Serving humanity becomes natural. Jesus Christ’s greatest teaching was the simplest — the path of love. And love starts from within, radiating, growing like a wild flower garden. Love is expressed in compassion in actions, respect, understanding, cooperation, caring, forgiving and kind actions. Love is the very core essence of all religious and spiritual traditions.

Being in a state of Bhakti yoga does not limit us to only one branch of our living tree. When Divine love flows, devotion, right actions, and right knowledge naturally take off like a young dove on its first flight. The longing for meditation and asana (postures) grow strong. We start serving humanity as our beloved one, discovering and realizing the light within us. Swami Vivekananda shared with us long ago, “The great advantage of Bhakti is that it is the easiest and most natural way to reach the great Divine end in view.”

“The satisfaction of love is not the feeling itself, but in the joy that feeling brings. Love gives joy. We love ‘love’ because it gives us such intoxicating happiness. So love is not the ultimate; the ultimate is bliss. God is Sat-Chit-Ananda, ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new bliss. We, as soul, are individualized Sat-Chit-Ananda. True love is Divine, and Divine love is joy,” explained Paramahansa Yoganada.

“Devotion is a way of transforming your emotion from negativity to pleasantness. Just see, people who have fall in love do not care about what is happening in the world. The way they are, you think they are unrealistic. It is just that they have made their emotions pleasant, so their life is beautiful. That is the state of a devotee.” says Sadhguru.

Devi Ma with Sadhguru in 2018 when she offered him her riveting and acclaimed book, Becoming the Light: Realize Your True Enlightened Nature.

Thus bhakti yoga brings us back home, healing us from the illusion of separation from the Source. Experiencing Divine love is finding and experiencing our Creator, and is accessible to everyone. Then our ephemeral journey on earth becomes more beautiful,  more meaningful as the entire universe belongs to us and we belong to the each other. An blossomed heart is the path to the ultimate truth– transforming us to an expanded consciousness. We may not have control over wars, natural disasters and the economy, but we have the will to open up our heart to seek this ultimate transcendental and transformational love, finding our ultimate genuine nature and allowing the light to permeate our actions. It is our foremost responsibility. When we become aware of the intensity of our longing for the Source and invoke the Divine within, our cry is heard. Expressing devotional love helped my being liberate my imprisoned heart.

There is profound humility in surrendering, in abandoning oneself completely. In that surrender an inexplicable sense of serenity and bliss exudes from within. That presence is the Source shining forth. We can live with an ever expanding consciousness, or as a slave to our compulsiveness and early conditioned training and life accumulations. The choice is ours. The essence of wisdom is always timeless, universal and expansive. There is only one truth, one Source of creation manifesting in billions of different forms. What we call “God” is always within us. We are all interconnected. At the very core, we are a unique expression and manifestation of the Divine, a microscopic mirror of the macroscopic existential phenomena. Through the transformative power of yoga, the beauty of our ultimate nature shines through. Feeling a sense of belonging is a portal to knowing our ultimate being, realizing there is only One. Belonging is vital for reconnecting with the Divine within us.

The only boundary between our mastery and our dreams is us. That conditioned and brained-washed personality we do accumulate over the decades can cause the most intense misery and sufferings. When we are in a state of Divine love, physical boundaries melt away. We expand and stretch that love to all living beings . . . to infinity. Even power is an illusion. Our ultimate nature is naturally powerful because of its true Divine essence. Only within the depth of our inner shrine can we know and experience the truth. Genuine healing emerges from our expanding consciousness, and it transforms our being. The more our consciousness expands, the more we blossom. Divine love brings us back home, healing us from the illusion of separation from the Source. Our ephemeral journey on earth becomes richer, more beautiful, more meaningful as the universe belongs to us. Like a bamboo in a hurricane, we bend with resiliency, strength, grace and dignity without breaking. As long as there is a split between two entities, we will experience duality, exclusiveness, and hierarchy. There is only ONE!

Until we desperately long to know and seek the truth, it will never be revealed to a believer, only to a seeker. Listening is hearing with our heart, our spirit. Every particle of our being must be engaged. Every form has a unique sound, yet this whole creation is chanting a universal song. Have you heard its melody calling, vibrating within you yet?

From untruth to truth, darkness to light, ignorance to enlightenment, this has been my journey. In vain I had been seeking every corner of this earth, looking into every place of worship until one day I woke up in a valley of rose petals… experiencing thee in the shrine of my heart, resting in my sacred temple.

Shree Devi Mayi Ma

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The secret of the Ancient Tradition of YOGA

 The Great Blessing of Yoga – Celebration The Ultimate Union!


Inner beauty is realizing and experiencing the oneness of existence, that is yoga. The purpose of being on the spiritual path is to awaken your ultimate nature, and experience the oneness of existence in all living beings. That is to be in union with the Creator….God, by whatever word we choose to call this supreme Absolute intelligent consciousness. This rich ancient science of yoga always leads to expansion, boundlessness, oneness and liberation no matter what is your background, identifications, and life accumulations. Yoga is not based on any blind belief system, doctrine, or dogma. It is not a religion. Yoga is simply the science of experiencing the whole of existence as one by breaking all the boundaries of ignorance. It is the science of inner well being, of self-realization and intoxicating bliss. Any persistent and genuine seeker can experience the Divine presence within. Don’t seek outside. Within your body temple, within the shrine of your heart is the Supreme lover. Realize that you are the wave of the ocean of pure consciousness and Divine love. That is enlightenment by breaking all the boundaries of ignorance.

The Sanskrit word “yoga” literally means “yoke,” to unite. This union aims to dissolve, liberate, and unite oneself with the pure consciousness ( Nirgun Brahma) often referred to as the Source, the Self, the Absolute, God, Brahma, Creator, Divine Mother, or hundreds of other names. I love to refer to our Creator as the Divine Mother. When the rishis (ancient sages) talked about moksha (or mukthi) or Nirvana, the ultimate fruit of yoga, they referred to liberation from the endless cycle of rebirth, pain, and suffering in the physical realm.

Yoga is the science of union and the knowledge of the spine (related to the “kundalini” knowledge). So yoga is the union with the Divine in all its forms. Figuratively speaking, we can be in a state of yoga in every moment of our lives as we inhale and exhale mindfully. Becoming aware of your conscious breathing (with the help of subtle yet effective mindfulness tools and techniques) is realizing and experiencing that you are breathing in the Divine. Scientists affirm that everything is made of the same energy manifesting and expanding in billions of different forms. This energy is prana, the infinite, omnipresent and vital life-force that animates every living, sentient being and the universe. The cosmos is overflowing with it. Prana from Sanskrit can be translated as vibration, movement, or even motion and life-force energy. For this reason, pranayama (various types of yogic breathing techniques) extends beyond the control of breath; it is the grand portal to higher stages of consciousness, the universe, truth, and what we call God or Creator, the Source. Pranayama opens the door to endless divine power and infinite possibilities. Controlling this life-force energy is the sole purpose of pranayama. Sincere seekers have to be initiated by a genuine satguru to experience, learn, and practice the ancient art of pranayama. The higher we vibrate with prana, the more inner power we emanate.

Today we are witnessing a renaissance of this tradition, with yoga studios everywhere. Yet this trend is far from the genuine ancient and authentic yoga taught by the rishis for God-realization and liberation. Unfortunately, in the Western hemisphere many people still think of yoga as twisting one’s body into some kind of knot. Yoga goes far beyond exercise. It is an extremely rich and powerful spiritual path that involves body, mind, and spirit. As the revered sage Patanjali expounded in the yoga sutras thousands of years ago, hatha yoga prepares one’s body and mind for deep meditation.

This fascinating and ancient science of yoga is not a religion or a phi- losophy. Yoga does not fall into any category of an “ism.” Faith is not a requirement. You will still get many benefits even if you don’t believe in it. Yoga is a science. Anyone can test it and see the proof by having direct experiences with the Divine. A spirit of inquisitiveness, awareness, consciousness, patience, perseverance, diligent and discipline is required to thrive on the yogic path. If you have a longing and devotion for knowing the truth, success will surely come. In the Yoga tradition, the satguru is regarded as the highest embodiment of the Divine. It is with the grace and guidance of this true and genuine master that one reaches the highest state of ecstasy and liberation.

Yoga was brought from India by the popular pioneer and yogi, Swami Vivekananda, one of the most revered yogis and spiritual masters of the nineteenth century, a close devotee of the highly reputable and well- known mystic, saint, and enlightened master Paramahansa Ramakrishna. Swami Vivekananda introduced yoga to the West when he came to Amer- ica in 1893. He represented India as a delegate at the Parliament of World Religions in Chicago. That day brought a great boon to the Western hemi- sphere. Thereafter, Vivekananda conducted hundreds of public and private classes and lectures disseminating yoga in America and in Europe.

A few decades later, Paramahansa Yogananda set foot on American soil and went on to disseminate the knowledge of yoga in the West, especially “kriya” yoga, the yoga of mastering energy.

According to the ancient rishis and Sadhguru a phenomenal being of light, the Adiyogi (also known as the Adiguru) was the first yogi and supreme guru. He appeared more than ten thousand years ago in the upper region of the Himalayas at Mount Kailash and transmitted the science of yoga and the power of self-realization and liberation to the first seven mystical sages (rishis) to help expand and transform human consciousness to a higher state of vibration. Predating all religious traditions, these seven rishis, known as the Saptarishis, spread yoga over Mother Earth. In the Yoga tradition, the personal form of “Shiva” is revered as the Adiyogi and guru, from which the lineage of gurus descended.

Over the centuries, yoga spread and infiltrated into many different traditions, and new branches of yoga developed. By the grace of the Adiguru, today six major yoga branches have emerged: Hatha yoga (forceful) is the most familiar branch to Westerners; Bhakti (devotion-love); Jnana (right knowledge); Raja (royal), in which Kriya yoga falls; Karma (selfless action); and Tantra (continuity) remains to be explored by many millions of seekers. “Kriya” from Sanskrit means “completed action,” and the ultimate action of kriya yoga is to transform and master the energy. The words yogi (male) and yogini (female) designate those who experience the oneness of this phenomenal existence.

Spirituality means experiencing existence beyond the physical dimension of reality. Most people are trapped and limited within their five senses. As long as we continue to identify ourselves with the physical realm, we will remain caught in its boundaries. This creates the illusion of separation. As Jesus Christ said, “We are in this world, but not of it.” The subtler our being is, the more expansive and freer we become. In this altered state of consciousness, the individual can transcend and go beyond boundaries. Yoga is all about enhancing our perceptions to experience and see things as they are. Ultimately the journey on the spiritual path is to move from the grossest to the subtlest, where boundaries are crossed—from bondage to freedom.

Scientists affirm that everything is made of the same energy manifesting and expanding in billions of different forms. This energy is prana, the infinite, omnipresent and vital life-force that animates every living, sentient being and the universe. The cosmos is overflowing with it. Prana from Sanskrit can be translated as vibration, movement, or even motion and life-force energy. For this reason, pranayama (various types of yogic breathing techniques) extends beyond the control of breath; it is the grand portal to higher stages of consciousness, the universe, truth, and what we call God or Creator, the Source. Pranayama opens the door to endless divine power and infinite possibilities. Controlling this life-force energy is the sole purpose of pranayama.

Enlightenment is boundless within like the wind in the blue sky. Everyone can enjoy and benefit from her/his intoxicating fragrance. You need only be receptive and open to feel it. Self-realization is realizing there is no individual self. There is only One infinite being. Everything in the cosmos is interconnected like a spider web of pure consciousness.

True bliss emerged from the realm of the Anandamaya kosha (bliss body in the subtle body). One of the greatest blessings a sincere seeker may experience in his or her lifetime is the eternal and direct experience of his/her true natural state of enlightenment. Essentially, sat chit ananda is the ultimate grace that can be bestowed upon a human being. No matter what the conditions, when an individual is experiencing sat chit ananda, he or she remains firmly rooted in his/her divinity. My direct experience of sat chit ananda is what I often call and experience as intense Divine Love—exactly what the legendary ascended master Paramahansa Yogananda talked about.

The fire of mindfulness is the greatest alchemist’s wand for being home in this existential moment. Blissfulness, serenity and joy happen in this  eternal moment and experiencing God- that Divine presence within. The more awakened, the more you experience the oneness of this precious existence, and become one with the Supreme Divine Lover. And the more universal responsibility we have toward all living beings’ well-being and happiness. Ultimately it is all the same energy and supreme intelligent consciousness.

In Divine love, Jai Maha Devi!  Shree Devi Mayi Ma

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