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It is natural for some to want power. Certainly we want mastery over ourselves. And many yearn also for power over others. Those who crave dominating power are the ones who are powerless, insecure, disconnected and separated from our creator. Power over others dates back millennia and rose from a primal instinct to survive, dominate, exploit and reign over other humans, animals, and Mother Earth. This kind of power is destructive and archaic, and creates the illusion of separation from everything else.

Even power is an illusion. Our ultimate nature is naturally powerful because of its true essence. Inner power originates from the Divine. I believe this inner power can only stem from the most profound expression of our spirit, from a stable emotional and mental state, mindful and acute clarity. If we are willing and allow it to, our true nature will lead the way for healthy interactions based on mutual true love, compassion, understanding and equality. Inner power is expressed with loving, compassionate feelings for co-creation, cooperation, realization of our interdependence, and interconnectedness with a profound reverence for all life forms. It is within all of us. Rediscovering this intrinsic divine power became one of my most important insights and realizations.

Over centuries we have witnessed how the patriarchal system, a model of domination and control over other humans (females in particular) and animals, has caused tremendous suffering and pain. It has destroyed lands, civilizations, people, animals, and nature. Unfortunately this patriarchal system is still engrained in our psyche. We can observe it in societies, governments, civilizations, even in relationships. Power over someone can be extremely hard to identify in the dynamics of relationships because it manifests in many subtle ways.

Consciously or unconsciously, this false sense of power is about conquering, annihilating, possessing, winning and exploiting. How can we deny the deplorable effects of patriarchy over the centuries when evidence everywhere proves it? Ask yourself, what kind of power do I exert in my life? What kind of power do people exert around me? How do they affect us? How do I affect them? We, human beings are the only animals on earth with the power to lock ourselves in our own fabricated jail, or liberate ourselves from confinement. Which one we elect is our choice, destruction or creation? Remember, we can be empowered with profound insights, awareness, spiritual knowledge and wisdom. We don’t have to suffer unnecessarily.

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