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Are you soul searching? Are you feeling stuck, lost, depressed and struggling anxiously from crisis to crisis? Or simply are you going through a spiritual awakening, and need assistance and wise guidance to successfully navigate the spiritual path in uncharted terrain? Want to accelerate on your spiritual journey and ascension? 

Shree Devi Mayi Ma has Overcome the Same Challenges You’re Going Through

and is now a Mystical embodiment of Divine Feminine energy, Yogini, and instrument of grace, Author of Becoming The Light; Realize Your True Enlightened Nature, Humanitarian, animal advocate and Mother to the world.

Having gone through a phenomenal mystical kundalini ascension, spiritual awakening and transcendence, Devi Ma is here to guide you through your spiritual journey.  In addition, she  also has an extremely enriched and insightful life experience.  A rare and blessed opportunity and experience to learn from, and be guided and supported from one who has walked the path and explored other dimensions of the beyond.

Program Overview

Becoming the Light Inner Journey Mastery

A comprehensive program designed to facilitate personal empowerment, inner transformation, self-exploration, self-discovery and growth. Becoming the Light Inner Journey draws from Shree Devi Mayi Ma’s phenomenal spiritual journey and phenomenal awakening, incorporating practical and timeless wisdom, spiritual knowledge, revelations and insights from:

● Lineage of the yogic tradition
● Ascended masters and the ancient Maharishi (great sages)
● Transmission directly to Devi Ma with noted masters
   – Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath
   – His Holiness the Dalai Lama
   – Thich Nhat Hanh (Zen master)
   – Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
● Devi Ma’s own realizations, insights and wisdom

 This program is unique because  Shree Devi Mayi Ma was just like you; she came from the darkest and most enslaving confinement and rose to become a radiant shining light, an instrument of grace, a loving mother to the world, and an embodiment of Divine Feminine energy. You can do the same! You also are an embodiment of the Divine! 

What makes Becoming the Light Inner Journey Mastery program so unique and special is our monthly, In Presence Divine Satsang with Devi Ma ( EXCLUSIVE–Available ONLY for YOU in this program to delve deeper). Be in the presence of Devi Ma, and ask all your questions and receive direct answers &  guidance via Zoom video session every last Saturday of the month (see satsang page). Within this divine love community container, she also offers some spiritual processes, meditations and surprises!! A  blessed experience is awaiting you! 

Devi Ma works at all level of your spiritual unfoldment & journey, and can see where you are . 



From untruth to truth, darkness to light, ignorance to
enlightenment, AUM Shanti Shanti Aum.

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One of the greatest choices we have is to contemplate existence, live mindfully, break free from our limitations and self-realize. No other animal has this inner power and great privilege. By grace and our free will, we can heal and blossom.

– Shree Devi Mayi Ma

Become the Light of Your Life


Eliminate the negative energy, impressions, tendencies, limitations & obstacles that is holding you back.


Experience clarity, ease, inner-power, joy of being, happiness, and realize and embrace your true nature and well-being.


Radiate light as you experience the divinity of your existence and presence; your true nature free from puppet strings and conditioning!

Becoming The Light Is Designed To Guide You
Towards Your True Nature And Divine Presence

Learn at your pace from the comfort of your home as Shree Devi Mayi Ma guides you. Includes lifetime access to the entire program and to all meditations, as often as you like.
You also have exclusive access to all In Presence zoom video session's Divine satsang with Devi Ma every last Saturday of the month. The first one of that last Saturday of the month is at 1.30 Pacific Time, and second one at 7. 30 PM. Pacific Time to be accommodate sincere seekers oversea.
Learn, heal, grow, empower, accelerate and transform from one who has successfully walked the path, and knows the dangers, obstacles and uncharted terrain.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! You have every reason to feel confident and trust in the high quality of our Becoming The Light Inner Journey Mastery program. When you invest in yourself in our effective programs, rest assure you’re protected by 100% money-back guarantee. You can experience the first voyage risk free, and if the program does not start delivering value to you, simply request a refund within 3 days.

Devi Ma is deeply committed to your spiritual journey, growth, transformation, and acceleration on the path of reclaiming yours Divine power. Just click Transform Yourself and you are on your way to a transformative inner journey of mastery ! Proceeds from all Devi’s Grace programs help support, manifest and sustain Devi Ma’s causes and vision, and our upcoming Yoga meditation retreat center for you!


empowering videos

featuring Shree Devi Mayi Ma guiding you step-by-step.

In addition you LIVE ACCESS
to your program!

Transformative gift videos

filled with tools, guidance, wisdom and insights to help you on your inner transformation journey.

Drinking Bliss Divine Livestream Satsang on YOUTUBE On The Second Monday Of Every Month

exploring a different topic with Shree Devi Mayi Ma every month

Ongoing Direct Amazing Support & Interaction guidance With
Devi Ma

What makes our Becoming the Light Inner Journey Mastery program so unique, is our monthly In Presence with Shree Devi Mayi Ma (Exclusive-available ONLY for you in this program). Be in the Presence of Devi Ma, ask all your questions and receive direct answers and guidance via Zoom video session every last Saturday of the month. After you have signed up & started this program, email us for the next zoom video link and confirmation of your attendance. An blessed experience is awaiting you! You can attend as many times as you want while you are in this program. For more detailed info see
Divine Satsang page

Subtle yet effective

mindfulness tools


mindfulness training.

Healing And Profound Guided Meditations Such As

Deity meditation, Emerald Green Lotus meditation, Nada Yoga and Violet Blossom Lotus meditation

Complimentary Gift
From Shree Devi Mayi Ma

 How to protect yourself from negative energy and transform it into higher vibration?

Our Becoming the Light Inner Journey Mastery program empowers you to experience your true nature and divine presence.

What’s holding you back from your empowering inner Journey and fulfilling the destiny you want ?

Why resist when you have 100 % money back guaranteed!

Experience one of the first  gift transformative videos from the program, From Untruth to Truth Journey,  as our present to you

Program Design

From untruth to truth, darkness to light, ignorance to enlightenment

First Journey:
From Untruth To Truth

Voyage 1 – Shree Devi Mayi Ma’s Introduction &
The Malady Of Our Era

“To listen deep within is a cry of our own divinity, a haunting song we cannot ignore.”

Gift from Shree Devi Mayi Ma — How to master yourself?

Voyage 2 – Unleashing Your Intrinsic Power;
Your Divine presence NOW!

“There is only a moment difference between compulsion and awareness. That is the practice of mindfulness. Happiness and bliss happens in that infinite moment!”

Gift from Shree Devi Mayi Ma — Mastering yourself is mastering your destiny – through the eyes of the yogic tradition.

Voyage 3 – Wake Up Baby!
The Alchemy of Well-Being, Joy and Bliss

“The only boundary between your mastery and your freedom is yourself. Break free from the confinement of your own fabricated cage. You will set yourself free.”

Gift from Shree Devi Mayi Ma — How do you participate in a world filled with suffering and pain?

Second Journey:
From Darkness to Light

Voyage 1 – Compulsion To Freedom

“Your most important triumph is to allow your ultimate nature to lead the way. Consciously or unconsciously you must
face your inner battle.“

Gift from Shree Devi Mayi Ma
— Are your entanglements making you suffer?

Voyage 2 – The Secrets Of Breathing The Divine

“When one is touched so profoundly by even one drop of this Divine
love nectar, just one whiff of its fragrance leaves you drunken mad.
That Divine love is like a white Jasmine flower blooming for
eternity…. transcending its own essence.”

Gift from Shree Devi Mayi Ma
— How do you empower yourself daily?

Voyage 3 – The Phenomenal Subtle Body & The
Demystification Of Kundalini And Its Mystical Ascension

“Inner beauty is realizing and experiencing the whole of existence.
That is yoga.”

Gift from Shree Devi Mayi Ma
— How do you vibrate at a higher frequency energy?

Third Journey:
Secrets of A Yogini

Voyage 1 – The Secrets of Sensitivity,
Vulnerability, and Universal Belongingness

“Sensitivity is not a weakness. it is one of the most precious qualities
of the heart. It reflects your openness and receptivity to all life forms,
just as a blossoming lotus thrives in the mud. Vulnerability is
essential to experience a dimension of reality beyond the physical
realm. One must break free from the gateway of resistance and logic to experience the light.”

Voyage 2 – The Madness of Divine Intoxication;
The Elixir of God

“When we are in a state of Divine love, physical boundaries melt
away. We expand and stretch that love to all living beings….to infinity.”

Gift from Shree Devi Mayi Ma — How do you surrender?

Voyage 3 – Beyond the Blue Sky; Mysticism In
The Yogic Tradition, Tantra & Its Ancient Treasures

“Knowing yourself is knowing God. Knowing God is knowing yourself.”

Gift from Shree Devi Mayi Ma—How to transform your energy field into higher frequencies and protect yourself from negative energies?

Fourth Journey:
From Ignorance to Enlightenment

Voyage 1 – Bumps On The
Path And Its Antidotes

“The Divine is within you. Don’t seek outside. Within your body temple, within the shrine of your heart is the supreme lover.”

Voyage 2 – Gaining Mastery; Igniting Your
Divine Presence!

“Sacred love relationship is a dance of the Divine! Are you willing to
dance with the whole of creation? The light within radiates brighter
than the sunlight in the sky. Dwell within the depth of your ultimate being.”

Voyage 3 – The Mystical & Sacred Aspect of
Sound Vibration: Consecrate Your Entire Being
Into A Shrine With Mantra

“Listening is not just hearing with your ears. Listening is hearing with your heart, your spirit. Every particle of your being
must be engaged. Every form has a unique sound, yet this whole
creation is chanting a universal song. Have you heard its melody calling, vibrating within you?”

Gift from Shree Devi Mayi Ma
— How to love & bless yourself and others?

Fifth Journey
– Your body is your Temple

Voyage 1 – Yoga Of Wellness; Body, Mind and Spirit

“Do you treat your own body as a temple, a shrine or as a graveyard? Humility is bowing in reverence to all living beings while realizing there is One supreme intelligence behind it all.”

Gift from Shree Devi Mayi Ma — Let Go & Soak In Divine grace

Genuine love is just there like the sun radiating over the entire planet and all living beings. Its rays emanate without discrimination, without asking anything in return.

– Shree Devi Mayi Ma

You Have The Power to Master Your Destiny

Rediscover the treasures buried within—your radiant Divine presence—so you can live a life that is filled with well-being, clarity, ease, Divine love, joy, success, freedom and bliss.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here for you! You can easily reach out and connect with us via email at connect@devigrace.org

or call us at 1 (415) 453-5359 between 12 PM to 9 PM Pacific time seven days a week.

Since this BTL inner Journey mastery online program is one of self-awareness, self-transformation, self-development, self-empowerment, self-mastery and self-discovery journey, Becoming the Light Inner Journey mastery online program  was designed for novices as well as sincere seekers. Anyone can benefit from taking it. This program was designed by Shree Devi Mayi Ma as a spiritual inner journey and personal development for transformation and mastery. Though this program considered a fundamental program. Please note that this is NOT an academic and/or educational program.

You can access your account through Devi’s Grace site under Program tab, then scroll down to log in, then create account ( if you have not done so) and enter your user name and password. Then after you are logged in,  roll over with your cursor on the words, Becoming The Light, then click on it. Then you will be automatically admitted into the Becoming The Light Inner Journey mastery online program. Please note your user name and password you have created will only work with your personal account.

It is highly recommended that you take the time to do  the BTL Inner Journey mastery online program over a period of 3 months. Though you have lifetime access into this online program. So you can return as many time as you wish, and repeat a voyage and/or a guided meditation. Several individuals have redone the entire program. Each time you return, the program will hit you in a different way as you are evolving. 

Yes, you can repeat as many voyages as you would like since you have lifetime access. You can even redo the entire program a second time, and even a third time over the years. Though make sure to keep your user name and password saved somewhere since we are NOT going to allow any new login access from our side by having to verify your account enrollment from the past years.

It is unlikely, but if you are experiencing some challenges with either your account or the program, first reset your password (and even your user name if necessary). If that does not work, contact us first via email at connect@devigrace.org  or then you may call us at 1 (415) 453-5359 between 12 PM to 9 PM Pacific time seven days a week. 

You must mark the voyage as completed in order to move to the next voyage. Then, you can easily return to previous voyage as you please.

Yes, as often as you please…. just return to that voyage.

 Even though cancellations are rare at Devi’s Grace, after you have signed up, you have 3 days to cancel it for any reasons, and no question asked.  So, it is risk free. 100 % refund guaranteed! Full reimbursement will be returned. We want you to experience life transformation, ease, joy and bliss, not worries! Please give us one week or so for the process. We are here for you, and are looking forward to connect with you always. In this program you also will have access for life, and unique monthly In Presence live zoom video session every month with Devi Ma to go deeper within the self,  to receive guidance at all levels, and start experiencing your Divine presence which is ease, joy, happiness, bliss, freedom and radiance!

You have direct access to Devi Ma via zoom video In Presence Divine satsang which is exclusive to this program’s members in this beautiful Divine love community tribe. Having gone through a phenomenal mystical kundalini ascension, spiritual awakening and transcendence, Devi Ma is here to guide you through your spiritual journey at any levels. A rare and blessed opportunity and experience to learn from, and be guided and supported from one who has walked the path, and explored other dimensions of the beyond. Check out Devi Ma  & Lineage pages. This is a priceless opportunity and experience ! 

With your payment investment, we are able to support Devi’s Grace Causes & Vision, help the homeless and suffering animals in India, support our goshala (rescued sacred cows sanctuary in India), and give scholarships of our programs to individuals around the world who long to grow, evolve, heal and transform, but who are struggling financially or just can’t afford them. And we are able to pay our bills without selling your information.

Becoming the light

Realize Your True Enlightened Nature
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Becoming The Light

What’s holding you back?

Experience one of the first videos from the program, From Untruth to Truth Journey, as our gift to you.