An intoxicating aura of spirituality, unity, love and truth emanates from the very core of oneness. This essence is shared by all religions and spiritual traditions of the world, and proves our differences are superficial; our similarities interconnect us by the same source. There is only one truth, one creator in many forms.

To have hope for survival on our Mother Earth is to rekindle the feminine principle energy within and around us. The great cosmic Divine Mother is this feminine principle energy shakti permeating the cosmos and called by thousands of names. Allowing the Divine feminine energy to flow transcends gender, sexual orientation and all other forms of false identifications. On earth this Divine feminine energy tends to be more associated with the female gender. Somehow our natures are more receptive and open to it. The fact that we give birth to life could make us more open to it. However, any gender can deeply connect with the feminine energy principle within us. We all have within ourselves both masculine and feminine aspects. The limited mind may look at it as a feminist point of view, but this feminine aspect of the source is accessible to all living creatures regardless of gender. Because of our male dominated societies, many men have suffered from this illusive separation.

The Divine feminine energy principle is beyond all physical boundaries, and has nothing to do with a feminist view. Those views are constructions of our distorted and limited mind, ignorance, ego and false identities. The masculine and feminine principles governing the physical existence need to be balanced and merged within us to experience our ultimate nature. That is crucial both for us as individuals and for our species.

“Devi” is the Sanskrit word for Goddess and synonymous with shakti, the female principle of the Divine by the Shakta tradition. In the Yogic spiritual tradition, shakti means sacred force, energy power, or Serpent Goddess.

Shakti is also a name given for the female consort of the male deity. Shakti as a Devi is also the Hindu personification of the Divine feminine aspect, sometimes referred to as The Divine Mother. Devi is quintessentially the core form of every Hindu Goddess such as Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Parvati, Kali and many more. For instance, Shiva’s shakti is Parvati.

Shiva is the masculine principle counterpart, “That which that is not,” pure consciousness. When these two principles manifest, it reminds us of the bipolar nature of all manifest reality, consciousness and energy. Together Shiva and Shakti weave an intricate tapestry of this relative world of time and space. According to Vedanta, Shakti represents the dynamic aspect of the universe as opposed to the masculine principle which personifies the unmanifest aspect of reality. It is crucial to understand that shakti also represents this dynamic principle of feminine power energy, the primordial creative force.

In the yoga tradition, Shakti is prominent in the tantra where the kundalini energy, when manifested, is regarded as the Serpent Goddess. This kundalini energy is the most significant and natural psycho-spiritual force of our subtle body. On a metaphysical level, this intelligent energetic force is the microcosmic manifestation of the primordial creative energy of the supreme absolute within us that is either dormant, awakening or awaken. Our body is the mirror of the play of the expanding cosmos.

What is most fascinating is we can observe the same feminine energy aspect in all spiritual and religious traditions, even in the ancient pagan spiritual traditions. The full blossoming of the creative power is unleashed in the merging of the feminine and masculine principle within us, the true lover. These two principles Shiva/Shakti can be observed at work everywhere in the universe and on all levels. Their union creates powerful and phenomenal forces. Merging in this true Divine marriage within us is realizing and experiencing our ultimate nature, Divinity.

Whether we are in a male or a female body, celebrating the Goddess is awakening to this feminine energetic force within us by manifesting it on Earth. It is not a philosophy, a cult or religion. We desperately need this creative feminine energy manifesting in a grand way on our beloved planet today to harmonize and solve the grave challenges we are facing. I will elaborate more on this subject in further chapter.

Excerpt from Wake Up,Baby! A Universal Journey of Awakening

My blog next week will be part two of this subject, Demystifying The Feminine Energy Principle

All International copyrights reserved by Vivianne Nantel, 2015, Devi Grace

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  1. fb venkitramesh
    fb venkitramesh says:

    Dearest Vivianne its fantastic.Excellent presentation . I love you .It is as if I am receiving it from a beautiful goddess. Though as a seeker and with my limited exposure to Sadguru I have come across similar explanation from his Book ‘The Mystic’.Yours is fascinating.

    • Vivianne Nantel
      Vivianne Nantel says:

      Namaste dearest Venkit,

      All the praises go to the Divine Mother. Yes this spiritual knowledge from the ancient Yogic tradition will be similar in some ways to Sadhguru since it is what is. It has to be. It comes from Maha Devi directly…….I bow to you. Thanks so much for sharing. So touched….Loving you too. Vivi Devi


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