Demystifying Yoga

The Sanskrit word “yoga” literally means “yoke,” to unite. This union aims to dissolve, liberate and unite oneself with the pure consciousness which is often referred to as the source, the Self, the Absolute, God, Creator, Divine Mother, or hundreds of other names. I love to refer to our creator as the Divine Mother. When the Rishis (ancient sages) talked about Moksha (or Mukti), the ultimate fruit of yoga, they referred to liberation from the endless cycle of rebirth, pain and suffering of the physical realm.

Yoga is the science of union and the knowledge of the spine (kundalini). So yoga is the union with the Divine in all its forms. Figuratively speaking, we can be in a state of yoga in every moment of our lives as we inhale and exhale.

Unfortunately, here in the Western hemisphere many people still think of yoga as twisting one’s body into some kind of knot. Yoga goes far beyond exercise. It is an extremely rich and powerful spiritual path that involves body, mind and spirit. As the revered sage Patanjali expounded in the Yoga Sutras thousands of years ago, Hatha yoga prepares one’s body and mind for deep meditation.

Today we are witnessing a renaissance, with yoga studios everywhere. Yet this trend is far from the genuine ancient and authentic yoga taught by the Rishis for God-realization and liberation. Besides realizing enlightenment and liberation, practicing yoga brings many health benefits. This fascinating and ancient science of yoga is not a religion or a philosophy. Yoga does not fall into any category of an “ism.” Faith is not a requirement. You will still get the results and benefits even though you may not believe in it. Yoga is a science. Anyone can test it and see the proof by having direct experiences with the Divine. However to test it fairly, it is important to have the appropriate spiritual master, a satguru, at the right time during the evolutionary process. A spirit of inquisitiveness, patience, perseverance and discipline is required to thrive on the yogic path. If one has longing and devotion for knowing the truth, success will come for sure.

Spirituality means experiencing existence beyond the physical dimension of reality. Most of us are trapped and limited within our five senses. As long as we continue to identify ourselves with the physical realm, we will remain caught in its boundaries creating the illusion of separation. As Jesus Christ said, “We are in this world, but not of it.”

Divine Love, grace and blessings, Vivi ……

Vivianne Nantel, 2016 All copyrights reserved worldwide. Devi Grace

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