Ocean Blossom, mixed media on canvas by Vivianne Nantel                                        

             Demystifying The Feminine Energy Principle

Our precious blue green planet is in grave need of a renaissance of the feminine principle of energy worship. The great Cosmic Divine Mother is that feminine principle energy flowing from the ultimate reality. This Divine feminine energy has been suppressed and oppressed throughout the centuries by manifestations of many patriarchal religions and societies. For instance, history retells of the Dark Ages where thousands of women, high priestesses who were extremely evolved spiritually, who worshipped the Divine feminine aspect and had many extraordinary siddhis (spiritual powers and paranormal abilities ascribed to the Tantric adepts and masters) were burned alive in public places as witches. They were wrongly perceived and misunderstood as a major threat because of their spiritual powers. For over four thousand years the masculine mindset has been destroying, oppressing and exploiting Mother Earth, its animals, and many women and elders.

The feminine energy principle is characterized with many attributes such as nurturing, nourishing, compassionate, loving, giving, caring, healing, creative, intuitive, forbearing,  benevolent, and can also be very powerful and fierce in many positive ways. In general all these qualities have been lacking to some degree on our planet for thousands of years. During the Paleolithic and Neolithic times many tribes venerated the feminine principle energy manifested in the physical form as a goddess or deity. Over the centuries matriarchal societies (with a feminine principle mindset) flourished in peace, harmony and reverence for Mother Earth and all living creatures. Within the fields of archeology, anthropology and art history we can discover many examples where our ancestors worshipped and honored the goddess energy in many different cultures around our planet. I remember from my days when I studied art history how The Venus of Willendorf sculpture, dating back to 30-25,000 BC, and Goddess Laussel statue  struck a chord within me. These are perfect examples among so many others. What are the important insights to remember? This Divine feminine energy aspect of the creative source is accessible to all regardless of our gender, and is especially beneficial to males who have often suffered from the disconnection caused by patriarchal societies and/or homophobic views. Also there is an extremely urgent need to rebalance these two principles within the depth of our being.

I discovered this Divine feminine energy tends to be more associated with the female gender in general. Perhaps our nature is more receptive and open to it. The fact we women are giving birth to life could make us more open to it, though any gender can deeply connect with this feminine energy principle. We all have within our beings the masculine and the feminine energy aspects. It is a matter of mastering the perfect balance within. As I have spoken in earlier chapters Shakti is the primordial energy of the source of creation. In the yoga tradition Shakti is regarded as the Goddess Mother, especially prominent in Tantra Yoga when kundalini is awakening and arising. This dormant kundalini energy within is the most significant psycho-spiritual force of the subtle body. Our bodies are the mirrors of the play of the great cosmos, the macrocosmic. “Devi” is quintessentially the very core for every goddess energy in many religions and spiritual traditions with many different names.

Goddess worship is also an essential part of Hinduism as well as in Buddhism. In Tibetan Buddhism, Tārā is a tantric deity whose practice is widely used by practitioners of the Tibetan branch of Vajrayana. In the Middle Ages even the Catholic faith celebrated and worshiped the Virgin Mary. The Buddhists as well as the Taoists venerate Guan Yin (or Kwan Yin) as the bodhisattva of compassion. Even today in some Hispanic cultures such as Mexico we can witness the worshiping of the Virgin of Guadaloupe (Virgin Mary). I was delighted to witness that even today in some parts of Canada, France and perhaps some other parts of Europe many devout and spiritual people still glorify the Virgin Mary as the Divine Mother.

The merging of Shiva/Shakti, the masculine and feminine principles within us is the ultimate, harmonious and necessary union within our being to experience our full human and divine potential. Their union creates phenomenal forces allowing us to realize and experience divinity from within. When they merge as One within us, they are in perfect harmonic marriage. My former beloved master, Guruji, once said, the most precious gift we could offer him on his birthday was to realize how very beautiful we are. He said only then Divinity can dawn within us.

Besides reviving the feminine aspect of the source, there is also another extremely urgent need to collectively expand the consciousness on our planet by breaking down our limited perceptions and false views, especially the rigid egocentric and logical mindset which causes the illusion of separation. By dissolving it into a harmonious one beyond our dualistic mindset, together we can experience oneness. If we are going to survive as a species each one of us has to awake up, realize and experience we are all interconnected and interdependent by the same source, same truth, an ever expanding web of life.

In Divine love, grace and blessings, Vivi

All worldwide copyrights reserved by Vivianne Nantel, 2015

Shree Devi Mayi Ma

From the Droplets of Wisdom blog

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  1. Laavanya
    Laavanya says:

    Beautifully written. Divine Mother has manifested to me across cultures and continents : as Goddess Isis in Egypt, Pachamama in Peru and Argentina, and Devi Navratri with Guruji in India. Feel blessed to have traveled to these places and have seen Her! Jai Ma!

    • Vivianne Nantel
      Vivianne Nantel says:

      So happy to hear this……Jai Maa! Jai Maha Devi! Heart felt gratitude for sharing dearest Laavanya, Vivi Devi

    • Vivianne Nantel
      Vivianne Nantel says:

      I suggest you also read Celebrating The Divine feminine Energy blog and the Namaste blog too. In divine love, grace and blessings….


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