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My dear One…Hope you are all doing wonderful! This is an excerpt from the Author Q & A at the end of my upcoming book, Becoming The Light: Realize Your True Enlightened Nature. I thought you might enjoy reading it now. More Author Q & A will come in future blog. Stay tune! Love to hear your comments. And please share this post. Much love, light, blessings and grace, Vivianne (Devi)

What advice would you give people looking to start their journey? What challenges can they expect? How can they overcome them?

Everyone encounters tribulations, even more so on the spiritual path. It is part of the physical world that mirrors duality. My story demonstrates the most common challenges. Even though, I don’t give advice I may provide a few suggestions. A huge part of the process of awakening is about breaking free from our self-imposed limitations, preconceived ideas, mindset, identifications and boundaries. To overcome any challenges we must be persistent, patient, humble, determined, and in a state of surrender with a deep faith in the process. It is crucial on the spiritual path to never give up and being committed 100 percent. Do not judge or compare yourself to others. That is poison. Our inner voice is a haunting song we must never ignore. Learn to listen….I suggest you read this book again and again. Many answers are in here. And if you feel it is helping you, please share this book with all your friends. Each time you will read it, it will resonate differently within you and you may gain new insight, revelation, even epiphany.

You have had challenging experiences with a major depression, a violent upbringing, and a turbulent medical history. Did these experiences challenge your faith or strengthen it? How and why?

I was born with faith in our Creator, in myself, and in the goodness of humankind because the Divine permeates our being and all of creation. I am not referring here to faith in term of religion. I am not religious at all. I don’t believe in God because I am experiencing God within every particle of my being.
Spirituality is not about believing something; it is about experiencing and realizing the light within. Intense and prolonged suffering definitely can make seekers wonder about existential questions. Pain and sufferings can become a magical doorway to the Divine if one is open, receptive and in a state of surrender. A broken heart brings us to our knees with humility, vulnerability and surrender. It was the case for my being. Suffering and pain make us vulnerable. Vulnerability can also become a majestic portal to the Divine. In the state of abandoning oneself, we have already won the victory because a fragrance of equanimity will exude from us. Surrendering begets expansion of consciousness. Vulnerability is essential to experience a dimension of reality beyond the physical realm. One must break free from the gateway of resistance and logic to experience the light. Sensitivity is not a weakness. It is one of the most precious qualities of the heart. It reflects our openness and receptivity to all life forms. All my experiences, mystical or mundane, as well as my realizations and insights expanded my consciousness.

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