We must always start a journey with the first baby step; often fall many times before rising and flying in the light. Spirituality is not something to teach. We all have it inside. In many ways everyone can be a teacher. We can only awake our divinity. The only true obstacle in life is the mind. When we realize this… we set ourself free! We create our karma with our thoughts, words and actions. Like a music composer, the personal song we compose is either a cacophony or a melody, it depends on us.

Feeling a sense of belonging can become a grand portal to knowing our true being, realizing there is only One. Belonging is vital for reconnecting with the Divine within us. The only boundary between our mastery and our dreams is us. That conditioned and brained-washed personality people do accumulate over the decades can cause the most intense misery and sufferings. Are you experiencing your blissfulness yet? If not, what are you waiting for? A fragrant and beautiful flower is always born from filth ….the same as genuine and true success is born out of adversities.

Deep silence is hearing and feeling with all the particles of our being in the ultimate ecstatic state of oneness. Listening is not just hearing with our ears. Listening is hearing with our heart, our spirit. Every particle of our being must be engaged. Every form has a unique sound, yet this whole creation is chanting a universal song. Have you heard its melody calling, vibrating within you? Don’t wait until your last breath. The time is now! Noble silence is not just near absence of words. It is a profound stillness, a silence from within. No agendas, no thoughts, no judgments or assumptions arose. Loose yourself in an oasis of tranquility, be just a piece of life breathing in and out in the oneness of existence. If you encounter a storm along your journey, like a bamboo in a hurricane, you bend with resiliency, strength, grace and dignity without breaking. As long as there is a split between two entities, we will experience duality, exclusiveness, and hierarchy. There is only ONE. Our most important triumph is to allow our true nature to lead the way. Consciously we must face our inner battle.

Only within the depth of our inner shrine can we know and experience the truth. Vulnerability is essential to experience a dimension of reality beyond the physical realm. One must break free from the gateway of resistance and logic to experience the light. The distinction between ignorance and inner- knowing is just a glimpse of change in our perception, our stillness and ease.

The image you hold of yourself has the power to shape your course of actions and destiny, ultimately determine your happiness, success, and inner well-being. See and realize within the mirror of your being that you are divine. You will begin to transform and awake. Divine power is within all of us. Even power is an illusion. Our ultimate nature is naturally powerful because of its true Divine essence. Every moment we have the inner power to experience our true nature and choose through our actions, words and thoughts. Why lock oneself into a fabricated jail? Smile and breath….. The entire universe belongs to you my dear!Abandon yourself to the boundlessness of existence to tap into the depth of your true nature.

Surrender is not submission. It is the grand empowerment of our own inner-master by dropping the mind and ego with all its resistances and life-accumulations. Complete surrender is the ultimate healer, the magic of living in serenity and blissfulness. Only then you will fly beyond the blue sky. In the state of surrendering, of abandoning oneself, you have already won the victory because a fragrance of equanimity and magnanimity will exude from you like a blossoming garden. Surrendering begets expansion of consciousness.

Self-realization is realizing there is no self. The whole of existence is One being breathing. Our teacher is everywhere…in a bee, a cat, a grazing deer, a cow, a blossoming jasmine flower, the waves of the ocean, the raindrop, the ephemeral morning dew, the fruit trees, the sun radiating upon Mother earth. The eternal book of nature has so much to teach us. The more awakened, the more we experience the Oneness of this precious existence and become One with the Supreme Divine Lover, the more universal responsibility we have toward all living beings’ well-being and happiness. It is all the same energy. The more we experience our ultimate nature, the more we become an instrument and expression of beauty and loving compassion. Enlightenment is boundless, like the wind in the blue sky, and the beautiful flower in full bloom. Everyone can enjoy and benefit from its intoxicating fragrance. You need only be receptive and open to feel it.

The essence of wisdom is always timeless, universal and expansive. There is only one truth, one source of creation manifesting in billions of different forms. Have you noticed when you hear the truth, it resonates within the shrine of your being? It is extremely important to hold a beautiful vision for Mother Earth. The power of genuine love and compassion is infinite and unconditional when it flows from a pure heart. Together we can transform our world into a peaceful, loving and harmonious planet regardless of our gender, religious, socio-economic and ethic backgrounds. Giving back to all living beings in whatever way we can begets a wealth of joy and grace in our life. Is your heart overflowing with gratitude and compassion in actions? If not, have you wondered why? It seems religions create division and separation among people. Yet just walking the path of loving compassion is enough to transform anyone.

Until you desperately long to know and seek the truth, it will never be revealed to a believer, only to a seeker. We cannot win with a whip, only with rose petals. Even if we lose in love, there is always victory. A victory won out of selfishness, out of violence, out of greed and ego is a tremendous loss for that individual, humanity and future generations. Together let’s raise the consciousness and unite the world by One spirit, One heart and One breath. Be the light, be love, be compassion– it is our true nature. True healing emerges from expanding consciousness, and it transforms your being. The more your consciousness expands, the more you blossom.

When genuine love is present, it can never go away. It is eternal and boundless. Genuine love is just there like the sun radiating all over the planet, and all living beings. Its rays emanate without discrimination, without asking for anything in return. When we are in a state of Divine love, physical boundaries melt away. We expand and stretch that love to all living beings . . . to infinity. Divine Love is our very nature. Where there is divine love, there is compassion in actions. It needs to be experienced, expressed. We have wings to soar. Fall in love with Divine love and you become free.

Has anyone told you lately how beautiful and precious you are to all living beings? Close your eyes, breathe in and feel…. discover within your inner cave all the splendors of your true divine nature. Eternal bliss is our very essence. Inner beauty is realizing the oneness of existence. That is to be in union, in a state of YOGA! When our heart overflows with gratitude and divine love the whole universe dances with us. Realize…..you are a unique wave in the Divine Ocean of love.

I look very much forward to read your comments. Sending you a garden of divine love, grace and blessings, Devi (Vivianne Nantel)

All international copyrights reserved by Vivianne Nantel, 2017

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