What are the Hidden Secrets of Kundalini Rising? Don’t Miss Part-2

Join Devi Mayi Ma as she delves into the profound journey of Kundalini Ascension, offering invaluable insights into this transformative spiritual process. In part 2 of the video, discover the essential steps to safely and effectively awaken your Kundalini energy, balancing the masculine and feminine energies within. Devi Mayi Ma emphasizes the importance of a spiritual path and guidance from a genuine spiritual master for a harmonious Kundalini awakening. Devi Ma talks about how this journey is not without its challenges. She addresses common misconceptions and potential disturbances in the Kundalini process, emphasizing the need for surrender, reverence, and proper spiritual practices. She highlights the importance of balancing energy through specific Kriyas and maintaining a state of devotion to facilitate a smooth energy flow.

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