“I simply can’t adequately tell you how moved I am by your artwork and story–Our heartfelt thanks. Bless you.”

“People are surprised by the power of Vivianne’s work,” says Chris Tuggle. “Her art stands out because of the way it makes you feel. Being a gallery owner, I get so many people who come in here wanting to choose art to match their color scheme. You buy Vivianne’s work strictly because of the way it makes you feel. She is extremely good. When you see her work, you can tell it’s not something she saw and decided to paint.”

“I am at the point in my life that art collecting is a hobby. When my eyes first hit “Spring Blossom”, it stopped me in my tracks. I knew when I saw this piece that it was going to be my first original acquisition in my collection. It is a powerful piece that captures the spirit and the soul. This power and presence in Vivianne’s work is why she is fast becoming recognized in the world of art!”

“The first thing I see when I walk into my office is Vivi’s self-portrait as a mystical cat, which I treasure since I purchased it in 2001. The colors are so brilliant and cheerful, and the range of emotions felt in the painting are many. I look at this painting and see many sides of myself in it. It is like a self-discovery. This artwork is one I shall admire for many years to come. Thanks Vivi for sharing your artistic abilities with the world.”

“I met Vivi in a Hatha yoga class. Lucky me. Her effervescent personality combined with her strong spiritual sense was intoxicating. Long after, I was surprised to learn of her amazing talent as an artist (She’s quite modest). After viewing her works at an open Studio event, I was so taken by her art, I knew I had to take one home. The vividly painted “Divine Energy” got my attention with its powerful spirit and blissful serenity–this was mine! I have since purchased another piece, this time a very affordable Giclee print, “Duality”. The quality is remarkable, and for me she has captured reality into mysticism. I knew the works were special when my husband was just as taken with them as I (and that doesn’t happen too often). Love, peace & harmony. Namaste”

“Vivianne Nantel, the artist: her art is vibrant and sumptuous in palette. It inspires peaceful warmth in the hearts of all who are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to gaze upon such profound, metaphysical, and romantic spiritual masterpieces. If you enjoy works that are provocatively erupting with color, dancing with sensuous curvilinear lines and lush with expressive brushstrokes, which can move like a ribbon of light across the surface or cut a wide path that bleeds into a darkened space; then Vivianne Nantel is your artist.

“Vivianne, the person: is truly as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Her personality reaches out with awe-inspiring bliss that cultivates the heart as well as the mind.”

“When I was searching for a painting for my Spa Meditation Room wall, Vivianne magically appeared with the perfect one to enhance the vibration of the room. Not only does the painting look exquisite, the energy that emanates from it takes you into a state of deep peace. I am so grateful!”

“I acquired a work of art from Vivianne Nantel several years ago, and hung it on a wall facing my desk in my office. It’s the first thing I look at after finishing a project on the computer, completing a meeting at my desk, or hanging up after a frustrating phone call from a temperamental client. The artwork always fills me with a sense of beauty, serenity and peace. I can’t imagine getting through a day without being inspired by Vivi’s art.”

“Vivianne demonstrates her artistic gifts in so many ways – in photography, in painting, and through her writing. She brings to her painting the richness of all of the other media in which she works. I adore my Vivianne Nantel original painting, which embodies all of the depth of my feelings for nature and life. When I look at the dove in my painting, my spirit lifts to heaven, bringing me a sense of peace and love.”

“I am blessed to have one of Vivianne’s paintings. It holds a special place in the center of my home, and in my heart. In her vivid expression I see a quiet power and clarity that moves me. Her work glimpses the Divine…She shows me her soul…and offers a glimpse of my own.”