The Alchemy of Divine Manifesting

Are you ready to unlock your true potential
and embrace the power of divine manifesting?

Have you wondered why the law of attraction has not worked well in your life? Do you want to manifest abundance, health, wealth, success, happiness, joy, love, harmony, and ease in all your relationships, and tap in your full potential?

Welcome to the Alchemy of Divine Manifesting.

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Devi Mayi Ma’s amazing online program teaches the art of transforming your thoughts, words, reverberation, energy, and intentions into tangible realities. By tapping into the infinite wisdom of the universe and of the Source, you can create the life you’ve always desired.

In this program, she delves deep into the transformative power of alchemy, guiding you toward harnessing your divine ability to manifest your desires in Divine timing. Using the ancient yogic methods dating back thousands of years from the great sages ( Maha Rishis ) and ascended masters, Devi Mayi Ma will guide you through various techniques and tools such as visualization (powerful guided- meditations with transmissions), uplifting and empowering affirmations, energetic alignment, and brainwave-length transcendence.

You will attain the perfect electromagnetic brainwave length. You will learn the truth about the laws of attraction and assumption, empowering you to attract and manifest your deepest desires, unlock your true potential, and create a reality that aligns with your highest aspirations.

Whether you are new to manifestation or looking to deepen your understanding, this comprehensive online program provides the insights, spiritual knowledge, and practical wisdom you need to manifest a life of unlimited possibilities.

Embark now on your journey toward becoming a master of the divine art of manifestation. Release any doubts or fears that may be holding you back. Trust that you are capable of manifesting a life filled with love, joy, fulfillment and abundance.

The Alchemy of Divine Manifesting includes:

*Total Value: over $3000.00 and more!

Program Design

Experience The Alchemy of Divine Manifesting

Method Videos:

#1 Unveiling the Alchemy of Divine Manifesting

#2 Unlocking the Ultimate Mysteries of Divine Manifesting, part 1

#3 Unlocking the Ultimate Mysteries of Divine Manifesting, part 2

#4 How to Use the Divine Inner Power of the Blue Flame of Awareness

High-Vibration Affirmations for the Alchemy of Divine Manifesting videos:

Daily High-Vibration Affirmations for Abundance and Success

Daily High-Vibration Affirmations for Gratitude, Bliss, and Happiness

Daily High-Vibration Affirmations for Healing and Total Rejuvenation

Transformational Guided Meditation for the Alchemy of Divine Manifesting:

Guided Meditation for Total Radiance, Rejuvenation, and Restoration

Guided Meditation for Abundance, Wealth, Success, and Prosperity

Guided Meditation for Divine Love and Healing All Your Relationships

Guided Meditation for Spiritual Ascension and Healing

Guided Meditation for Dreams, Prosperity, and Wealth

Guided Meditation for Attracting Your Divine Love Relationship

Guided Meditation for Total Healing and Well-Being

Special gift: The Divine Inner Cave—Guided Meditation for Abundance, Radiant Health, and Bliss

Special empowering gift videos:

Remove Your Boundaries and Limitations for Manifesting Divine Alchemy

5 Effective Ingredients for Divine Alchemy of Manifesting Miracles

The Ultimate Yogic Concentration Practice to Unveil Your Manifestation, Inner Power, and Spiritual Growth


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Discover the benefits of The Alchemy of Divine Manifesting:
Consistency in your practices is the key to your Success!

Devi Mayi Ma :

Among the many roles Devi Mayi Ma is playing in this lifetime, she is also a powerful divine alchemist who has attracted and manifested abundance, wealth, divine love, radiant health, harmonious opportunities, and fulfillment in all aspects of her life. 

She is a walking miracle! 

Praise for The Alchemy of Divine Manifesting

The Alchemy of Divine Manifesting online program with
Devi Mayi Ma is for you if:

Frequently Asked Questions

Devi Mayi Ma has distilled and condensed the ancient spiritual knowledge, yogic knowledge, and practical wisdom methods for the Alchemy of Divine Manifesting online program in a very practical & easy way to digest and apply in your daily life. It is fundamentally based on the great ancient wisdom of the ascended masters and maharishis (great sages), dating back thousands of years from the spiritual yoga tradition. This program is unlike others because of its profound wisdom and deep spiritual component. In addition, Devi Ma draws on her own profound inner knowing, very rich life experience & wisdom, life-force energy, and magical Divine touch with the ascended masters. Enjoy the ride!

No … anyone who is willing, open, and receptive can benefit tremendously from taking this comprehensive online program. It was designed by Shree Devi Mayi Ma as a spiritual and personal development program for transformation, mastery, and divine manifestation.

You can access your account through Devi’s Grace site under the Program tab, then scroll down to log in, then create account (if you have not done so) and enter your user name and password. Then after you are logged in, roll over with your cursor on the title of the program, then click on it. Then you will be automatically admitted into the Alchemy of Divine Manifesting online program. Please note your user name and password you have created will only work with your personal account.

You must mark the video as completed in order to move to the next one. Then, you can easily return to previous one as you please.

It is unlikely, but if you are experiencing some challenges with either your account or the program, first reset your password (and even your user name if necessary). If that does not work, contact us first via email at or then you may call us at 1 (415) 453-5359 between 12 PM to 9 PM Pacific time six days a week (except Sunday).

Even though cancellations are rare at Devi’s Grace, after you have signed up, we offer no reimbursement for this particular program, due to its proprietary nature. The Alchemy of Divine Manifesting is a practical program, which makes it very effective if applied correctly. Devi Ma made it affordable so many people around the world can enjoy a life of happiness, radiant health, love, joy, and abundance—and spread Divine love into actions around our world.

With your investment, we are able to support Devi’s Grace Causes & Vision, help the homeless and suffering animals in India, support our goshala (rescued sacred cows sanctuary in India). And we are able to pay our bills without selling your information.

It is highly recommended that you take the time to do it over a period of several months, and accomplish at least one mandala, which Devi Mayi Ma explains in the program. Because you have lifetime access to this online program, you can return as many time as you wish to repeat a video and/or a guided meditation or affirmations. Each time you return, the program will strike you in a different way as you are evolving. It is highly recommended to do one to two mandalas back-to-back (40 days for a mandala in the yogic tradition). If you want more effective results, do two guided meditations each day, combined with several videos of high vibrational affirmations for your mandala. Remember, your results will depend on how you use and apply the program in your daily life. The key to your success in the applications of the methods and in the consistency of your practices. 

In The Alchemy of Divine Manifesting online program, the emphasis is not in writing your goals and objectives. Devi Mayi Ma’s methods are experiencial, and work at a deeper and different level which is more effective. Also writing down your goals is considered very rudimentary, and most people do so anyway. Though you can certainly write down your goals and objectives. The key to your success in the applications of the methods and in the consistency of your practices. 

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