Spirit Guides


People can summon a spirit guide if they need one. In truth, most of you already have at least a few spirit guides in your etheric realm.

They are spiritual creatures who want to help pople along their journey. Angels, archangels, ancestors, plant allies, power animals, elements, deities, cosmic beings, and the Universal spirit are all names for the same thing.


Spiritual Journey with Spirit Guides

Spirit guidance has valuable insights, new points of view, and new ways of looking at things to offer if you learn to listen to them. They are trustworthy advisors who provide advice without prejudice, criticism, or presumption.

People’s subtle bodies are also opened to sharing energy transformations with others. To transmute denser vibrations, you can rely on your guides to help sever links, balance chakras, and more. They frequently work together to teach you wisdom-inducing insights.


Using Spiritual Advisors to Define Boundaries

People may call upon them, share with them, and get strength from them because they are human. If you feel uncomfortable or threatened or have just lost interest, you can politely request that they leave.

Specific guides may enter your life to help you through a particular time, circumstance, or connection, and then they may go after that time, event, or relationship has ended. Anyone who enters your energy sphere is entirely at your discretion.


The Real Presence of Spirit Guides

  • Being Able to Sense Your Allies’ Actual Physical Presence

Your guides may make themselves known to you through your physical body, emotions, or spirit, depending on which of your senses is most acute. It might seem like someone is sitting beside you or touching your shoulder. You may suddenly need to check your back as if you knew someone was lurking there. Energy may be felt to be flowing in and around your physical body and auric field.

Your guide’s aura or floaters may be visible to you. Some people feel a vibration when their guides are around, while others hear a ringing in their ears or feel pressure in their third eye chakra. Occasionally, a whiff of air will bring to memory a long-lost relative or a helpful plant buddy.

  • Messages from the Animal Spirits, Angels, And Ancestors

Names, symbols, numbers, and song lyrics may all serve as confirmations. You may constantly bring up the same person or location in your chats. Maybe you’re bored of looking at the same time every day. There is significance to each of these coincidences. Tune in and decipher the message your guides are sending you!


Transmission Through Spiritual Channeling

Perhaps, you may hear a voice or see a vision while meditating. Sometimes, you may find that random ideas just pop into your head, and you have a distinct impression that they aren’t yours. It’s a file that your guides have uploaded for you to access.

Taking the initiative to speak or act without planning is possible. You may have wondered, “Where did that come from?” after blurting out a random string of words in a hurry. Sometimes we feel compelled to intervene swiftly to avert a disaster, a sign that our spirit guides are directing us.


Methods For Communicating with Spirit Guides

Establishing a rapport with your Spirit Guides is comparable to mastering the technique of preparing an artichoke.

There is a period during which you are entirely clueless. Yet mastery comes to those who persevere. There are a variety of approaches to communicating with your Guides, much like there are to preparing artichokes. Thus, to sum up, my best advice is:

1. Make a Spiritual Gathering Place

When you first begin communicating with your Guides, finding a standard meeting area, such as a favorite chair, yoga mat, or park bench, is helpful.

You may meet them wherever you choose but having a dedicated space at the outset is best. Doing so will help you unwind and improve your energy level, facilitating better communication. Gather your Spirit Team and sit in your holy area. You may keep in touch with them by writing, journaling, or talking to yourself.

2. Make an Invitation

Although your spiritual team is always available to provide a helping hand, formalizing your relationship with them might help you develop your intuition even further. Doing so sends a strong message that you intend to connect with this person.

Then, when you feel lost, pray for direction and pay carefully to the answers you receive.

3. Look for Clues

When first experiencing a psychic awakening, you may understand how difficult it may be to put your faith in your Spirit Guides. Asking for signs can be helpful since they establish credibility.

They may also come from various sources, such as a song, a blog article, or even the following words your closest friend says to you.

4. You’ll See Them in Your Dreams

As you sleep, you are more receptive to the hereafter than at any other time of day. Tonight, before you go to sleep, make a conscious effort to invite your Spirit Guides into your dream life so that you may communicate with them. Then have faith that they eventually will.

5. Embrace a Transparent Attitude

Do not insist that your Spiritual Guides “appear” in a particular form. Follow the current. If you only wait for their advice to come to you in lucid dreams and deep meditation, you may lose out on helpful information.

6. Invoke the Help of Whatever Spirits You Want

Your introductory guide is with you for the whole of your lives, while secondary Guides come and depart as needed. In addition, you are free to summon whichever Guides you choose whenever you need them.

7. Write to Them

What problem are you facing at the moment? Resolve to use journaling as a means of communicating with your spiritual guides. Choose a topic in which you are confused. Now, let your thoughts wander as you write. Just let your ideas flow on the page without worrying about correct language or spelling.

There’s a chance you’ll either get a complete answer or somewhere to begin. Don’t want to write? No problem! Type your thoughts into a diary on your computer or iPad.


Make a Spiritual Connection in the Great Outdoors

Spending time in nature is an excellent method to connect with your Spirit Guides and develop your intuition. So, if sitting still isn’t your thing, try walking around outside instead:

Go out and enjoy nature by stopping to smell the roses, go for a stroll, relax at a park, or color in some mandalas. Conversing mentally with your Guides might help you unwind. Your vibration will increase, and your connection with them will strengthen if you follow this advice.