Experience Divine Alchemy

Experience the alchemy of Divine transformation.
Devi Mayi Ma guides you on a powerful inner journey toward self-awareness, transformation and mastery.

Rare Opportunity and Experience with Devi Mayi Ma

Are you feeling lost, confused, stuck, or in pain? Soul Searching? Want to accelerate on your spiritual path and journey? Do you lack direction and purpose in life, or feel unsettled and frustrated? Are you longing for spiritual evolution and facing a crisis or trauma?

Devi Mayi Ma, as an instrument of grace, can help you heal, become empowered, and undergo profound transformation. She possesses unique spiritual gifts, incredible experiences and spiritual unfoldment throughout many lifetimes.

The only boundary between your mastery and your blissfulness is the conditioning and personality you have accumulated. Break free from the confinement of your fabricated jail. Set yourself free!

– Shree Devi Mayi Ma

Divine Alchemy Empowerment
with Devi Mayi Ma

Divine Alchemy Empowerment with Devi Ma offers private one-on-one sessions that delve deep into your being. These confidential sessions take place via Zoom video or in person at Devi’s private sanctum temple in Northern California. This exclusive opportunity is rare, and Devi Ma has made herself available for a limited time only. Please note that due to lack of time and many requests, Devi Ma is very restricted and cannot work with everyone. She works solely with sincere seekers in need of healing, empowerment, and transformation. 

What You’ll Experience:

  • ● Healing and transformation
  • ● Enhanced well-being, self-awareness, and clarity
  • ● Discovering life purpose and direction
  • ● Feeling of empowerment
  • ● Restored balance, joy, and happiness
  • ● Rediscovery of your true, authentic nature
  • ● Priceless insights, epiphanies, and realizations
  • ● Heightened vibrancy and radiance
  • ● Breaking free from boundaries and limitations
  • ● A new sense of freedom and joy for life

How does Divine Alchemy Empowerment work?

A minimum commitment of six hours is required to work personally with Devi Ma. These hours will be divided into several sessions over the coming months, based on Devi Ma’s assessment of individual needs, progress, and personal circumstances. After initiating the work with Devi Ma, it is possible to extend the series with additional three or six-hour sessions. However, please note that she cannot accommodate every request.

Divine Alchemy Empowerment with Devi Ma is a profoundly transformative and immersive experience, but it may not be suitable for everyone.

It is exclusively available to Sincere Seekers who possess the following characteristics:

  • ● Willingness and courage to delve deep
  • ● Desire for exponential growth
  • ● Deep longing for spiritual development
  • ● Full commitment to personal transformation
  • ● Readiness to break free from limitations
  • ● Willingness to take responsibility for life and inner well-being
  • ● Possessing a sense of humor is a plus, as Devi Ma is lighthearted and easy-going

To open up your heart to Devi Ma,
kindly answer a few confidential questions:

Praise for Divine Alchemy Empowerment

Q&A for Divine Alchemy Empowerment
with Devi Ma

It depends whether Devi Ma feels she can help you, and if it is a good fit. She does not want to waste your time or investment.

First series of six hours: $2,398.00
Subsequent series of 3 hours: $1,198. 00   

A portion of these proceeds go toward Devi Mayi Ma’s causes & Visions.  Please visit  Causes & Vision page. And please support our volunteering/seva. 

With your investment, we are able to support Devi’s Grace Causes & Vision, help homeless and suffering animals in India, help unhoused and underprivileged children, support our goshala (rescued sacred cows sanctuary in India).  And we are able to pay our bills without selling your information.

“Free yourself from your own self-created jail. As you do just that, you are free other living beings as you are emanating the light in your own entourage. Spiritual growth is a never ending. It is a spiritual unfolding process, an evolutionary process which can take you in the deepest state of samadhi and liberation, and of the beyond. The synchronicity of the Divine Mother is infallible. If you are fully receptive, open, and in a state of receptiveness and wonderment like a child sees for the first time, then just trust your inner knowing. It will surely lead you to the Divine.”

– Shree Devi Mayi Ma

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